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Earth Friendly Food Storage Options

by Heather

Today we are talking all about earth friendly food storage options!  If you cook at home, or you like to batch cook to save time in the future, you need something to put it in before it goes into the fridge.  Years ago I got rid of all my plastic Tupperware containers.  We started using less plastic and found options that we like a lot more. Bonus, they are better for the environment too! Let’s get into my 3 favorite earth friendly ways to store food.

earth friendly food storage options

My 3 favorite earth friendly food storage options

I have 3 plastic free food storage options I am excited to share with you today! Everything I mention is linked below. I’ll start with the first earth friendly food keeper that we’ve been using the longest, which are mason jars! Mason jars come in all kinds of sizes, different shapes and even some fun colors.  

Mason jars

Mason Jars

Let’s talk first about quart mason jars first.  The regular mouth mason jars and wide mouth mason jars are both used, but definitely lean more towards wide mouth because it is just easier for food storage.  I keep a canning funnel around because it makes putting food in the mason jars much less messy.  This large size if perfect for storing bone broth, or just bigger amounts of leftovers.

I love pint size mason jars, in both regular mouth and wide mouth.  We actually use the regular pint size mason jars for our drinking glasses, so they get a double use!  Wide mouth again is preferred for ease of putting food in and more easily grabbing it out with your hands.  

Half pint mason jars are super cute and convenient!  When you have just a little bit of something to save, these are my go to.  The regular mouth half pint mason jars are the drinking glasses my kids mostly use too. The wide mouth half pint mason jars are great for snack packing.

This super small, 4 oz mason jars is great for storing little amounts of leftover sauce or dip in. They are great for packing for a little snack too!

Lastly, while it isn’t a mason jar, it deserves a mention because it’s also glass and a repurposed product.  I save and use the Bonne Mamam jars for my spices.  They are pretty to look at and I simply label the spice on the lid.  Love them!


So those are my favorite glass mason jar storage options.  Let’s chat lids.  You have a few different options. 

There is the stainless steel lid + ring option (which we have a ton of for canning).  You can also find lids that have the top and ring combined, and there is also an option for plastic lids.  I say go for your personal preference or just use what you have already!

glass food storage containers

Glass food storage containers

We are a big canning family so mason jars were always the easy option for me.  However, I found I wanted a better option that stacked a bit easier in my fridge.  These Pyrex glass storage containers are my favorite now!

I did a lot of research before deciding on which glass storage containers I wanted to invest in.  Because yes, it’s an investment compared to plastic containers.  I wanted to avoid the plastic lids that clamp, only because I found that over time, the clamps break.  Yes, I know they can easily be replace, but I wanted to see if there was another options and the silicone/glass lids were just what I wanted! 

Hello Pyrex glass storage containers.  The lid is glass, but with a silicone ring around it to seal.  You simply press the lid on, holding up the release corner, then press that down.  I don’t think it would be 100% leak proof with a soup, but for what I need these for, they work perfectly.  

I am such a fan of these stackable glass storage containers.  They wash up really well in my dishwasher.  I have lots of the rectangle sizes and circular sizes.  I liked them so much that I got 2 sets!

silicone stasher bags

Reusable silicone bags

Mason jars and glass storage containers are my go-to glass storage options. But what about plastic bags?  Well, after looking at silicone stasher bags for a looooong time I finally bought myself a few to try out.    They are made of silicone and seal up like a plastic bag would.  This makes it super easy to just pop the food in the fridge.  I purchased a few different sizes to meet our needs.

We love them!  I actually need to buy more because we use them so much.  I find if I have a clean mini size I always use it to pack my kiddos snacks in there.  My hubby pretty much always has one rotating with a partial onion in the fridge.  They are easy to clean in the dishwasher and then I simply let them air dry before putting it away.  

earth friendly food storage options

All our favorite earth friendly food storage products together

What are your favorite food storage containers?

Those are our 3 earth friendly food storage options that we love.  What are yours?  I want to hear what you use in your house and love! 

Is there a product I need to check out?  Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!

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Watch the full earth friendly food storage options video below!


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