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five healthy dips for veggie snacking

by Heather

Hello! I cannot believe it’s less than one week until Christmas! I’m just about done with the gifts that I need to purchase, minus some stocking stuffers, but not even close to being done with my DIY and sewn gifts. Professional procrastinator here!

With Christmas coming up and thanksgiving shortly past, I’ve noticed my sweets consumption has gone up. I’ve actually been okay about keeping cookies and desserts to actual special occasions. For the most part. But when I’m sent home with home baked goodies from a member in my class, I’ve just gotta try em. And boy they were good! I’m not going to deny myself the treats, but what I will do is combat the extra sugar with foods that are super good for my body. What’s it going to be? Veggies! I am constantly trying to eat more. I actually like them, which makes it easier. However, but I didn’t always, I’ve have to train my taste buds to enjoy them.


Whether you’re attempting to like veggies, get more into your belly because veggies are the bomb, or you just want some fresh flavors, dips can help you out. They take veggie munching to another level. Here are 5 super awesome dips that can be made at home and/or purchased. Enjoy!

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My favorite brand is samba because it’s just so creamy and delicious, but hummus is super easy to make at home too. You can find many traditional recipes, or you can go over the top with this roasted beet hummus by minimalist baker!



My latest dip love. Creamy yet cooling, and made with yogurt. My recipe for it can be found here.

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Bean dip

When I have cool, crisp veggies, something creamy always hits the spot.  Beans all blended up and seasoned make for a creamy perfect dip.  Try this white bean garlic dip from Jennifer’s Kitchen.

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Roasted red pepper dip
Secretly up the protein and fiber with beans in this dip via the law student’s wife.

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Just mash up an avocado with some sea salt and pepper plus a squirt of lime juice, or try this avocado feta dip from two peas and their pod.

Do you have a favorite healthy dip for veggies?

If my husband was answering this he’d probably say cheese whiz. Ewww. I still love him though. 🙂


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Erica December 20, 2014 - 12:20 pm

YES! All about the veggies! I like them roasted and topped with mustard (weird, I know) or raw with hummus or guacamole

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Nicole January 21, 2015 - 1:13 pm

Hi there- Just stopped by to check out well, i forgot now … i got sucked in and was looking at your nice blog. It is funny, I never think of making any veggie dips – well, that is about to change. Thanks for the inspiration. And, your children are just gorgeous. Alright, back to my mission: to find a healthy blueberry frosting recipe (somehow i landed here). Take care, a complete stranger – Nicole


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