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food and fitness week 2

by Heather

Hi guys!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  I had grand plans of starting a new series over the weekend, but instead I stayed away from the computer and had fun with the family.  So much better right?  New series to start tomorrow though!

We actually began getting ready for our baby girl.  Yeeeessssssssss.

I haven’t talked much about it (probably because of procrastination), but our kiddos are going to share a room.  Here’s a look at some progress we made.


There are now two cribs in the room.  Hunter’s regular sized crib (right side), and a mini crib (left side) for baby girl.  My mom painted the wall to the far left side (dark grey) and Jacob added another tree along the edge, more branches, leaves and a yellow bird along the left side of the mural too.  We vacuumed, cleared most of the stuff out and rearranged a bit.  It feels so good to have a little bit done.

Really the only thing left to do (other than decorate her wall – which I’ll be DIYing!), is work on the closet.  I want to add more shelves and lots of baskets, like the picture below (that’s not our closet).  We don’t have doors on the closet so baskets will be nice to keep it looking organized.


I also made lots of progress on some freezer meals and general food prep over Saturday and Sunday.  I spent about 1 hour each day working on it, so it definitely didn’t feel very overwhelming.  Here’s what I made.



  • puffed amaranth cereal (see it in progress two pictures up) – for the week


  • beef zucchini meatballs for the freezer
  • cooked black beans for the chili and for the freezer
  • thai coconut sauce that goes with the meatballs – for the freezer
  • beef and bean chili for the week + maybe the freezer if there’s a lot leftover


  • pre-made my yogurt cups – homemade peach jam on the bottom and whole milk plain yogurt on top

Now onto the food and fitness for last week!


Monday – cashew chicken with broccoli and rice

Tuesday – chicken noodle soup + fruit

Wednesday – chorizo ricotta tortilla pie (similar idea to this one)

Thursday – yummy casserole: rice, broccoli and beef breakfast sausage with cream of celery soup

Friday – dinner at friends! I brought this yummy apple and poppyseed coleslaw salad

Saturday – dinner with family!  No cooking from me, just lots of eating

Sunday – beef and bean chili with rice + fruit


I was back to all of my regular classes last week + TONS of practicing for the launch of body pump and body combat.  I have major pregnancy brain going on… these have been the toughest releases for my brain to memorize.  But, I got body pump down and taught it with zero mistakes this morning, and Wednesday I’ll teach the new body combat release, which means more cramming tomorrow!

Monday – body pump + fitness yoga

Tuesday – practice body pump

Wednesday – body combat

Thursday – body pump + sculpt and tone

Friday – body pump + fitness yoga

Saturday – practice body combat

Sunday – practice body pump

Well this whole post turned out much longer than I anticipated.  Guess I had a lot to share!

Now your turn, what did you do this weekend?


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Erica January 13, 2014 - 6:02 pm

Look at you go! So prepared!!!! Do you like the new pump? I like most of it. Not a huge fan of the squats track, but otherwise its a good one!!

Corina January 13, 2014 - 11:14 pm

Wow! You’re so organised – i’m very impressed. My second baby’s not due until April but I can’t imagine I’ll get this much food prepared in advance.

Jessica January 14, 2014 - 10:56 am

Have you ever considered doing a YouTube body pump tutorial video?

Fit Mama January 15, 2014 - 6:53 am

Hi Jessica – I don’t really have a set up for doing videos right now, so probably not anytime in the near future.

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