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by Heather

About a month ago a friend and I decided to sign up for a half marathon – the vancouver lake half marathon. I hadn’t been running much, really just every couple months with that same friend. Well once we said yes to it I got a few more friends on board and now there are 5 of us doing it together! I started a little Facebook group for our training and we’re meeting 2x a week. Once for a long run the other for speed work. Let me tell you, I have been loving it! It is so fun running with these ladies.  I’ve only had the kids with me on one of the runs, so for the most part it’s just fun kiddo free chit chat which is so fun.  On the last run I pushed both Zoe and Hunter – gosh that was tough!  I think I did more listening than talking since I was constantly out of breath.


I hadn’t ever really gotten back into running consistently since I was pregnant with Hunter (he’s 2.5 now!), but am so glad I am now. Since I teach a ton during the week (my strength and cross training yoga to keep me strong and pain free!) I only planned running twice a week because I knew I couldn’t commit to more. I really like the Hal Hidgon training plans. He makes them for all different skill levels: novice 1, novice 2, intermediate, advanced – I personally like the intermediate one since it incorporates speed work too.  If you’re looking for a 12 week training plan check em out, I’ve used them before and highly recommend them.

Since we’re not following a particular running plan the basic idea is tacking on an extra mile each week during the long run, and using the speed work to make us faster and stronger runners.  Saturday we ran 6.4 miles, so by increasing about a mile each week we’ll be right around 11.5 miles but probably 12 miles before the half marathon.  Normally closer to 12 weeks is recommended to train, but we’re being naughty runners and taking about 10.

I’ve ran this particular half marathon twice before (read recaps here and here) and another one I won’t ever do again (summer heat + crazy STEEP hill at the end! – read here). I’m looking forward to my gang of mother runners to run it together come the end of January.  Running rain or shine!  But likely rain, it is Washington after all.

IMG_9448What’s the furthest distance you’ve ran? Would you rather do a winter race or summer race? I’d choose the cold over hot for running – just gotta run faster to get warmer!


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Erica December 15, 2014 - 5:27 pm

Whooooop! Sounds awesome <3 <3

Carrie December 15, 2014 - 10:02 pm

After years of miserable heat training for the (October) Portland Marathon I danced a huge Happy Dance when I switched to the (June) Vancouver USA Marathon & Half Marathon. I’d much rather puddle jump & bundle up than try to work around training in anything over 60 degrees. The small town super fun Fort Vancouver Run the first weekend in March is next on my list. Happy training! The Vancouver Lake Half is a good one too!


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