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healthy on $75: on couponing

by Heather


When I first found the site Krazy Coupon Lady I was so hooked on couponing. So hooked.  I scored so many items for basically free or super low costs. The site made it easy to know which store had sales going on and which coupons to use plus where to find the coupons. I started with such a gusto! Then mysteriously I found myself with less time so I coupon to a lesser extreme now. I am by no meals like the people on extreme couponing (have you seen the show?).  I don’t have a huge stock pile, but I try to keep a few of the items I regularly use on hand, especially when I find a rock bottom price on it.

This is how my couponing goes now.  I get the KCL daily emails and scroll through them for any deals on items I buy. I will also look through KCL if I know I need a specific item (like deodorant) for a good deal before I go out and buy it.

I email my mom the coupons I want and she prints them for me.  For some reason my printer pretty much only prints an itty bitty size and most store won’t accept them because they don’t scan.  Thankfully they print normal size for her and she gladly helps me out in my money saving efforts.

Hers on the top, mine on the bottom.


I also do a quick skim through the weekly newspaper circulars (also provided by my parents since we don’t get the newspaper).  I clip coupons I may use (and keep them in my purse) just in case I’m at the store and see the item on sale.


Once I’ve looked through the stack I staple the corresponding week together (there are normally 2-3 to look through for each week), label it (so I can find future coupons easier), put a check in the upper corner so that I know I’ve looked through it, then promptly put it somewhere messily in my house.  It’s not a super organized system and stacks of coupons are in many different places.  I tend to look through 2-3 weeks worth of circulars when I get around to it, so it’s something I do get behind on.


One thing I’ve found is that there are a whole bunch of coupons on a lotta junk.  Just looking at the picture above I see foods I don’t buy. It’s true, healthy food is more spendy. I can get free candy bars, but it’s less often that I can get free kale (unless it’s from my garden  ).  I’ve found a good way to be selective with my couponing. Sometimes I’m brand specific, other times I am okay with whatever the best deal is.

Here is a list of the main items I coupon for.

Food items:

Whole wheat pasta
Pasta sauce
Canned beans, tuna, baked beans
Chicken broth
Canned pumpkin
Cereal (not something I normally keep on hand, it’s more a treat food)
Peanut butter
BBQ sauce
Baking supplies
Chips (rare but I’ll treat the hubs to em)
Produce (usually I get savings with Checkout 51)
Dairy (usually I get savings with ibotta and Checkout 51)

Non-food items:

Toilet paper
Paper towels
Shampoo/conditioner (Dove)
Bar soap (Dove)
Shaving cream
Lotion (Suave)
Dish soap
Cleaning supplies (I watch for seventh generation deals usually)
Kitty litter
Medicine (normally advil, tylenol and tums)

This isn’t an all inclusive list, but it’s the basics I keep an eye out for.  As you can see, the list of food items doesn’t include many pre-made or snacky foods.  Typically I combine convenient foods (pastas, broths, beans etc) with fresh foods to create my meals.

When I find a great deal (KCL will mark it as a stock up price), I will pick up an extra 1-3 depending on how many coupons I have for it or how much I’m okay with spending that week.

So what’s on my rador this week to stock up on?  Starbucks coffee and deodorant for Jacob.

I plan to do a post specifically on Ibotta and Checkout 51, the two apps I use that give me money back for making specific purchases.  Let me know if you have any questions on those apps, questions related to stocking up or any other couponing questions.  I’m putting together a Q & A post so make sure to leave a comment with your question so I can answer it!  And if you previously left a question and I haven’t answered it yet that’s because the answer is coming in the Q & A post.

For me any bit of savings matters.  If I only save 25 cents, that’s okay.  It all adds up and helps me achieve my money saving goals. Although it’s usually more savings which makes me quite happy.


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