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journey back to fitness after baby

by Heather

After I had Hunter I shared my post baby body journey. This time around, it’s my journey back to fitness.

My mind set is different this time.  Of course I’m looking forward to shrinking down and fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I’m not obsessed with it. Last time I focused a lot more on losing the weight, which did take it’s time. This time, my focus is on gaining back my fitness.


On Thursday I did my first workout (other than walking) and it kicked my butt. I managed through the first 30 minutes of the ultimate yogi cardio. I was sweating and my triceps were screaming by the end. It felt so good to move a little more! However, it sure whooped me. I felt heavy and weak. Even holding a plank was super challenging. I definitely took my fitness level for granted before. Teaching fitness classes many times a week automatically made me more fit just but putting the workouts into action.


Now, it’s time to work back to that (have to make sure I can get through a workout when I teach it!). Slowly of course.  As a fellow instructor friend of mine said, baby steps. That’s what I’ll be taking to get my fitness back. I know I can’t just snap my fingers and return to where I was 10 months ago. I’ll slowly start to put the work in and slowly feel stronger and fitter. And bonus, I’ll begin to shrink back down again.

Can’t wait for the journey!

What workout did you most look forward to getting back to after baby?


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Erica March 22, 2014 - 2:03 pm

So fabulous- definitely the best way to look at the post baby situation. I most looked forward to teaching step and attack post baby!


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