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ask me anything – fit mama real food radio #52

by Heather

It’s a big month in Fit Mama Real Food Radio land because my baby podcast turned 1 year old!  Yes, today I am sharing episode 52 and I couldn’t be more excited for this “ask me anything” episode!  It was super fun to record, you guys.

I wanted to start out by giving you all a huge THANK YOU for your comments, emails, shares, ratings and reviews..  They mean the world to me, especially when you are sharing them with a friend and recommending an episode.  I’d give you a big old hug if I could! (so just pretend you got one)

If you want to scroll through and check out past episode, be sure to click the podcast tab and every episode can be found there!  I’ve had so many great guests on, and I just cannot wait to share all the new ones that I’ve got coming up!  SO much good stuff coming atcha for year 2.

Ask me anything Fit Mama Real Food Radio

Ask me anything

For episode 52 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I sat down and answered your listener questions.  Here’s what you wanted to know:

  1. What is your love language and what is your husbands love language?
  2. How did you come up with the names for your kids?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for kids that are sensitive to a LOT of texture of food?
  4. You look amazing and had 4 kids! Tell us your secrets.
  5. What do you eat in a typical day?
  6. You went a whole year without having a single full episode on weight loss. Is that for a reason?
  7. How do you make the jump from eating so much junk to eating healthy, whole foods?
  8. Do you count macros and what percentages do you do, or recommend?
  9. I only have time for a 20 minute workouts what’s more beneficial cardio or strength and why
  10. Best advice for someone wanting to lose 10 pounds.
  11. Help for parent in survival  mode with a newborn and not making home cooked meals a priority. Advice, encouragement, motivation?

Links from the show

You can find the episodes and subscribe in itunes, stitcher, tunein, google play and also listen directly below!  If you’ve been enjoying the show, I would love for you to rate and review it in itunes –> HERE.

I would LOVE to hear if you had a favorite episode from year 1.  Also, if you have any topics you want covered in the future please leave them below or send me an email!



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