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guided meditation – fit mama real food radio #53

by Heather

If you’re anything like me, meditation (and/or guided meditation) may be on your radar. Maybe you’ve heard how life transforming it can be. Maybe you even have a friend that’s been telling you that you need to try meditation because it’s helped them a ton. And even though you hear all these great things about meditation, maybe you’re resistant to it. You think, “I can’t quite my mind down.” Or “it’s just too boring sitting there quietly.”

I’ve been there! (and truth, often still feel that way)  It can be hard to make the time for it, but I love the benefit it offers!  For me, adding meditation and quietness into my life helps me to be more calm in situations when I’d typically jump to a feeling or reaction.  Like in motherhood.  I need a whole lotta meditation practice to sloooooooow my reactions down.  Way down.  I am not a consistent mediator, but typically add it in as I feel like I need to check myself.

guided meditation with chel hamilton

A couple of years ago I was introduced to guided meditation and that’s when I found my meditation jam!  Sometimes I even use the practice in my yoga classes to really allow my students to focus on something else other than their racing thoughts. I think guided meditation is such a neat tool.  I love the Mediation Minis Podcasts and even use them with my kids for those times when everyone just needs to take a chill out moment.

I asked Chel Hamilton, the host behind the the Meditation Minis podcast, to join me on my show to chat all about meditation so we could all learn a little more about it. Let me tell you about my favorite part of the conversation – it was about resistance.

guided meditation with chel hamilton

Chel shared that often times people are resistant to things they don’t understand (meditation could be one of them). I know there are things in my life that I’m resistant to and if I don’t’ take a moment to check in and think about why I’m resistant to it, I write it off as not for me. But here’s a thought… maybe if we allow ourselves to explore those unknowns or new areas, maybe, just maybe, it will help us. We will grow.  Explore and possibly find something that we need.

I hope that this episodes allows you to explore something new for yourself, whether it’s guided meditation, or something else you’ve been resisting.

guided meditation with chel hamilton

Guided Meditation with Chel Hamilton

In episode 53 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio Chel Hamilton, the calming voice behind the Meditation Minis Podcast, joins me to chat all about meditation!  We talk about why quieting is so important, the benefits of meditation and what it can help with, how to meditate and different style of meditation, resistance, mindfulness and meditation for parents.  So much good stuff.  I absolutely loved this talk with Chel and know you will too!

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Do you meditate?  Do you have a favorite way that works for you, or favorite apps that help guide you through your meditation practice?  Inquiring minds want to know!



PS: During my chat with Chel she mentioned watching the birds outside my window and I shared that my home and our surrounding trees on our property make our home my calm place.  I told her I’d share a picture she snapped during our chat, so here you go!

guided meditation with chel hamilton

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