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what is real food? – #94 fit mama real food radio

by Heather

If my website name, Fit Mama Real Food, didn’t tell you already, I’m kind of really into real food.  I’m not necessarily into labeling a diet that I follow, and being dogmatic in that way.  However, I’m truly into focusing on foods as close to nature as possible.  Foods my grandma would have cooked with!  

What is real food - fit mama real food radio #94

Now, my grandma probably didn’t cook with chia seeds, avocado oil and unsweetened shredded coconut.  There are so many more food options available now, and sometimes it’s tricky to sift through what is real, and what is advertised as real food.

In today’s podcast episode I am breaking it all down!  I am so passionate about real food for my family.  I know that when I’m cooking with ingredients from the ground, or that had a mother, I’m using foods God created for our bodies.  Real foods work together synergistically to give you all the vitamins, minerals and nourishment we need to grow and function at our best.  Marketing from big food companies can make this tricky and confusing though!  Because I know it can be so confusing, I want to break it all down.  In today’s podcast episode I’m explaining it all so you can feel empowered to make real food choices in your own home.

What is real food - fit mama real food radio #94

What is real food?

In episode 94 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am breaking down what real food is, how to find packaged real food and some food for thought on food rules.  If you’ve ever wanted a definition of what real food is, then today you’re in for that answer!

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