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what we ate jan 25-31, 2015

by Heather

Hello!  Hope your weekend was great! We had a fabulous weekend with no real plans on our agenda, which is a pretty great way to start the weekend. We went on a coupon family walks, went to river maiden for coffee and hot cocoa (my first time checking it out), got Hunter his first fish (a betta named Bruce) and I went to my friend’s GRIT strength filming to get my butt officially kicked in 30 minutes flat.  It was pretty much just perfect.

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It’s time for another edition of what we ate last week! I tried to throw a bit more variety into our meals while also using ingredients we already had in the cupboard and/or in the freezer.  I’ve linked to a couple recipes I used, but I mostly just threw the meals together from my head and prayed they turned out well.  And thankfully they did!!


Sunday – dinner at in-laws – they served up pork + salad + bread + steamed veggies

Monday – bobotie (made with beef) + quinoa + sauted mushrooms

Tuesday – BBQ beef meatballs + cheesy potato and cauliflower bake + cucumbers


Wednesday – almond dijon crusted salmon + edamame sesame soba noodles + kale chips

Thursday – blueberry yogurt whole wheat pancakes

Friday – hawaiian pulled pork (crockpot meat portion from this recipe) tacos with avocado and cheese, + roasted brussel sprouts

Saturday – homemade pizza topped with leftover pork, green bell peppers, onions and mozzarella + fresh salad with vinaigrette


How was your weekend?  Do you typically follow recipes or end up cooking from your brain?


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