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what’s in my costco cart + food budget talk

by Heather

Yesterday I made a quick stop in at Costco.  And only quick because it was kid free.  Although I missed having them there, I love the big carts and that they can both sit at the front of the cart… like this cuteness from back in October…


Anyways, I hadn’t gone grocery yet for the week so it’s more than I would normally pick up there.  Even though buying bigger sized items can and sometimes does save money in the long run, when it’s all added up at the register it’s definitely a shock sometimes!  Let’s see what I filled my cart with.


  • 2 dozen organic eggs – 2x ($6.99 – better price than most grocery stores)
  • 3 lb organic coffee ($12.59 – sale price)
  • clementines ($5.99)
  • broccoli ($4.59)
  • organic frozen blueberries ($9.79)
  • snap peas ($5.79)
  • string cheese ($6.69)
  • sabra hummus ($5.99)
  • 3lb almonds (16.99)
  • organic pears ($7.49)
  • organic bananas – 2x ($1.99)

TOTAL: $96.87

If you’ve been a reader for sometime now you may remember the posts about feeding my family for anywhere between $50-100 a week.  While I do think I could do that if I wanted to, I’d sacrifice quality.  Right now quality is more important to me than saving a couple of extra dollars.

What quality is important to me?  Organic/grass fed meats, organic dairy products (including milk, yogurt, butter… normally not cheese), organic eggs and sometimes organic produce.  Produce is only sometimes… I’ve got to draw the line somewhere because I do have a budget to follow and if I’m making a choice on what to buy organic I’ll choose items higher up in the food chain.  If the price between an organic option and conventional option isn’t that great, I’ll choose the organic.  However, sometimes it’s a huge difference – like right now organic cucumbers are close to $2-3 each whereas I can get english cucumbers for $0.70-1.00.  I have a tough time making that organic choice because I just love eating cucumbers and I’d much rather eat MORE veggies that are conventional than limit my veggie intake because I only wanted to buy organic.  It’s a personal choice I make.

What is my food budget right now?  It’s a bit flexible in that each week we set aside $150 for food and gas, so the less I spend on gas the more I can spend on food. Yay for that!  Some weeks I get $100 for food, other weeks I may get closer to $125.  The food budget also includes household products and toiletries, so it’s not just for food.

Do you shop at Costco or another store like that?  What items do you pick up there?  What is your current food budget spending like now?


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Lindsay Ingalls March 10, 2015 - 7:26 am

We do shop at Costco maybe every 4-6 weeks. We tend to buy mushrooms, avocado, hummus, sometimes Field Roast sausages, and other random items often depending on the current brand/cost/sale they are having. We have a budget but how close we stick to it is well… yeah most of the time we don’t. That being said my goal is to stay on budget this month (and from now on). That being said we spend around $150-75/week on groceries including household and personal care items. My goal is to stick to $125 or less.

Fit Mama March 13, 2015 - 5:28 am

Great goal! It’s definitely a challenge when you have a food budget goal to stick to, suddenly you have to think more about what you’re buying. Probably a good thing though 🙂 thanks for sharing Lindsay!

tiara March 13, 2015 - 4:36 pm

We’re big Costco fans. Organic Eggs, smoothie fixins (frozen fruit, Spinach & Kale), Almond milk. Actually our cart looks a lot like yours. Our budget is also about the same. Quality is also more important to us than saving a few bucks

Fit Mama March 20, 2015 - 5:29 am

It’s so nice that Costco offers such great items and organic options. Means we get quality and a bit of savings too!

Diana B March 19, 2015 - 8:49 am

Love Costco! I buy that same coffee – it’s the only stuff we get and I stock up when it’s on sale! We also get the 10 lb bags of organic carrots from Costco, and organic chicken if I can’t find any markdowns. We also love the Tortilla Land uncooked tortillas. And I buy my coconut flour and almond flour from there too!

We have a budget of about $400/mo for the three of us (one an almost teen boy!) – it seems like a lot but I try to buy not only as much organic as possible but I’m also grain-free! The $400/mo includes all home and personal items and I usually try to include all our eating out in there too. 🙂

Fit Mama March 20, 2015 - 5:27 am

I will have to keep an eye out for coconut flour and almond flour, didn’t know they carried that!


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