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workout wednesday: burpree body blast interval workout

by Heather

Today is all about fitness.  A new workout + instructor talk.  Let’s get to it!

I don’t know about other group fitness instructors, but I’m not always good about following a plan.  At least when I have the choice.  For classes like BodyPump and BodyCombat, where they are choreographed, I follow what’s laid out for me to teach depending on the mix I select.  However, with other classes like sculpt + tone, yoga and even my senior strength class, I never follow my plan.  I go in with an idea.  A lot of the time I even scribble it down in one of the many notebooks I carry around…. I should really organize those workouts better…. but then once class begins it changes.  I throw different things in, skip some things and change the way the class goes.  I guess I just love winging it a bit, making it a more natural class than something strict to follow.

If you’re an instructor, do you do the same thing, or are you good about following your plan to a T?  Those of you that go to classes, can you tell when an instructor is strictly following a plan, or winging it a bit.  Do you have a preference?

One class I subbed again recently, body blast, is easy to follow as planned.  We do intervals for X amount of time, and I already have them planned out ahead of time.  It’s a fast paced class so I don’t want anything holding it up.  The latest workout was a burpee-rific… burpee-tastic… burpee-mazing workout!! Lots and lots of burpees.  They all loved to hate it. 🙂

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Now you can do it too!  It’ll go by fast – just 20 minute long – and you’ll feel like a million bucks afterwards.

burpree body blast interval workout
A little explanation of the variations to regular burpees (how to do a regular burpee pictured above).

Burpee side planks: Once you are in plank position, do 1 push ups, going into side plank, back to the center for another push up, then side plank on the other side, lastly back to the center for another push up, then all the way back up to standing.

Burpess army crawl: Once you are in plank position, draw your knee to the outside elbow, alternate sides for a total of 8 knees, then return back up to standing position (no push ups in this one).

Burpee with 2 tricep push ups: Once you are in plank position, have your hands right under your shoulders and complete 2 tricep push ups, then return back up to standing position.

It was a fun one.  I hope you have fun with it too!

Do you love, hate, or love to hate burpees?  Is there a favorite burpee variation of yours out there I should try?

Burpees for life. 🙂


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