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zoe’s pompom party

by Heather

I don’t know how, but Zoe is nearly 2 years old!  Her actual birthday is next week, but since I am due 2 days after her birthday I decided that her party needed to be a couple weeks early, in case this baby decided to come early.  (That did not happen)


Since I’m 9 months pregnant (yikes!) I kept the party really small, simple and low key.  We had a few friends over and both sets of grandparents.  I wanted the party to be all about enjoyment and fun for her, and it sure was.  She adores having friends over and talks about it daily.


Pompoms may seem like an odd theme, but I loved it!  I already had a pompom display made in her room (see it here along with the tutorial), so it was a simple decoration to bring upstairs.  Since I love yellow, black, grey and white I stuck with those colors.


I replaced the tree garland I had made for Christmas with a black pompom garland.  It’s totally going to stay there for a while.

IMG_2659 IMG_2693

For a fun kiddo activity I set up pompom flower pots for them to create!  Making the actual pompoms took the longest amount of time, but the rest was a breeze.  I’m planning a post about this on its own soon.  The older kids were super into making and stuffing as many pompom flowers and moss into the pots as possible.


Food was kept simple because I could make it ahead of time: curry chicken salad with grapes and celery, croissants and butter lettuce to wrap it up in, a fruit salad, a tomato/cucumber/mozzarella salad and two kinds of pickles + dilly beans.


For the cake I made 2 layers of Japanese cheesecake (recipe here) with fresh raspberries between the layers and whipped cream all around it.  Plus pompom flowers to top it off!


I made Zoe and her baby doll matching geranium dresses in the color theme with big dots!  Kind of pompom like and she was absolutely adorable in it, of course.

Birthday girl had a blast and it was such a fun and stress free party.  Hooray for pompoms and a successful party!

What was the last theme for a party you attended? 


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