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20 minute full body beginner strength training workout video

by Heather

We are all beginners at some point.  We are beginners at sitting, crawling, walking, running, jumping, climbing and then eventually, moving our bodies intentionally for exercise.

Being a beginner is exciting! It means you are trying something new, or adding variety into your life.  You have the desire to make change, or to expand your skills.

Do you enjoy being a beginner?

When you first began moving your body intentionally for exercise, did you enjoy the process?

Or was it met with frustration because it was hard?

We should come into exercise with the same attitude as a baby.  They try over and over again to learn to walk.  They don’t give up because it is hard. They have a desire to learn the new skill and move their body.  We should have that same attitude.

Shift your mindset

If you’re new to exercise and find it challenging, or even awkward, don’t allow that newness to bring frustration.  Instead, shift your mindset to see it as a new skill you are practicing.

To become better with a movement (say a lunge for example) we have to practice that. Our body needs repeptition to understand how it is supposed to move.  It can feel different at first. It can feel like we aren’t doing it right.  However, as we continue to practice we become more aware of how our body is moving, and then can be more in tune with the muscles that are working.  And as we do that we become stronger!

This goes for strength training, yoga, running, swimming, riding a bike.. you name it.  Any physical movement is improved with practice!

So if you’re in a beginner phase with a certain exercise, embrace that!  You are expanding your skills.  And that my friend, is something to be proud of.

20 Minute Full Body Beginner Strength Training Workout Video

I am so pumped to share today’s new workout video because it is beginner focused.

Just like my 15 minute beginner yoga class, this 20 minute full body beginner strength training workout is taken at a slower pace to give you the opportunity to practice the strength building movements.

This is a solid strength building workout that can benefit anyone, even if you aren’t a beginner!

20 minute full body beginner strength training workout video

Welcome to your 20 minute full body beginner strength training workout! In today’s workout we are utilizing 1 light dumbbell and focusing on basic strength training movements to build strength and muscle tone. Whether you are a beginner or just looking for a solid strength training workout for your entire body, this one is for you!

Find the full length workout video HERE or follow along in the video below!

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If you give this workout a try, please let me know!



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