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5 minute plank workout video

by Heather

I find there are two groups. People that like working their core, and people that do not.  I’ve been in both groups.  When I didn’t enjoy working my core, I wasn’t very consistent with it. It was hard and so not fun!

However, when I started intentionally making an effort in that area, it became stronger.  I also told myself it was good for me and that helped me to switch into the group that enjoys working their core!

My very first workout video I shared on my YouTube channel was a 10 minute plank workout.  It’s a good one!  10 minutes may feel really long and intense though so I wanted to offer a shorter option that is just as great – the 5 minute plank workout!

While I think planks are ahhhhh-mazing and such a great full body + core strengthener, if you’re postpartum or working through diastasis recti (DR) planks may not be the best option.  Instead, check out this DR friendly breath and core strength workout (10 mins)!

5 minute plank workout

5 Minute Plank Workout

It’s back – the plank workout! Are you super short on time? Maybe looking to add an extra core workout onto the workout you just finished? Give this 5 minute plank workout a try. We breeze through it in no time while building strength throughout the entire body quickly! Let’s get to our 5 minute plank workout right now!

Follow along in the video below or find it HERE!

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If you give this workout a try, please let me know!



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