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5 quick and easy dinners

by Heather

Here are 5 quick and easy dinners to simplify your busiest of nights.  I hope these meals inspire you and make your life a little less stressed and a little more relaxed!

5 quick and easy dinners

It seems almost fitting that after I shared how I meal prep for a full work week, which I had been consistently doing for about 1 year, it’s actually come to an end.  My hubby started a new job which has him either working from home, or traveling, so instead of prepping all his meals for the week in advance, he is now getting to enjoy mealtimes throughout the day at home with us.  Yesterday was just his first day, and dang it was lovely having him here!

I am so excited for his new job opportunity, but if I’m being honest single mommin’ while he’s traveling is somethings I’ll have to adjust to.  If you have kids, especially little ones at home like I do, you know that hour or so before dinner time can be a challenge.  You’re making food, but also entertaining hungry/tired kids.  It’s a LOT of work.  As I’m looking into the future of this week and planning out the couple evenings I’ll be single mommin’, I’m figuring out what meals I can make with minimal on hand work when it comes to dinner time.  I’m anticipating and planning for a small amount of morning prep work when I’m up and the littles are (hopefullly) still sleeping.  This will lessen the hands on cooking/chopping time right before dinner.

Who doesn’t like quick and easy dinners?  I know I do!  I hope you are inspired by these home cooked, but fast and easy dinner ideas.  Some prep ahead of time makes everything come together even faster.  Now if only the dishes were magically quick and easy too…. 😉

5 quick and easy dinners

no-fuss pork ramen bowls

Start crockpot pork roast in the morning (recipe).  Shred pork when it is done cooking.  At meal time.  Bring your favorite homemade/store bought bone broth to a boil.  Pour broth into each bowl along with 1 brown rice/millet ramen noodle block each (I buy them at costco, also available on amazon here).  Cover to allow noodles to soften.  While the noodle soak, prep the toppings (thinly slice cucumber, cut up nori sheets, chop green onion).  When the noodles are soft add the pork, toppings of choice along with a touch of sesame oil, sesame seeds and sriracha if desired!

lemon pepper salmon, steamed broccoli and crockpot baked potatoes

Start the crockpot baked potatoes in the morning.  Prep the lemon pepper salmon in the morning, cover in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge.  Chop the broccoli in the morning.  At meal time. Bake the salmon and steam the broccoli at the same time.  While those cook, remove your baked potatoes and cut them open.  Fill with green onion, a dab of butter or sour cream plus sea salt and pepper.  Toss the steamed broccoli in a dab of butter plus sea salt and pepper and serve when salmon finishes.


burrito rice bowls

Cook ground beef with taco seasonings in the morning for quick reheating at dinner time.  At meal time.  Steam rice in rice cooker.  While the rice cooks, reheat taco meat.  Open a can of black beans and drain/rinse.  Warm frozen corn.  Dice tomato, avocado and bell pepper.  To serve add the rice, taco meat, black beans, corn, tomato, avocado and bell pepper into a bowl along with your favorite toppings (salsa, cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, etc.)

breakfast for dinner: avocado toast topped with fried eggs and a side of garlicky kale chips

At meal time.  Bake a batch of garlicky kale chips.  Toast your bread, then top with mashed avocado.  Fry 1 egg per avocado toast.  Add tomato slices on top if desired.  Serve with garlicky kale chips.

tuna sushi bowls

In the morning, drain tuna from cans and add mayo + sriracha and store in fridge.  Grate carrots, slice cucumbers and dice green onion.  At meal time.  Steam rice in rice cooker.  Dice avocado and cut up nori sheets.  Serve the tuna sushi bowls by filling a bowl with rice, sriracha tuna, carrots, cucumber, green onion, avocado and nori.


What’s on our agenda tonight?  Burrito rice bowls!  I’m utilizing leftover rice, I will prep the ground beef taco meat this morning for an easy re-heat and spend 5 minutes chopping tomatoes, bell peppers and avocado when dinner time rolls around.

If you have any go-to quick and easy dinner ideas, please do share!



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