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august highlights

by Heather

I try to capture our memories by having pictures to look back on.  It definitely helps me remember them (and I need all the help in the memory department I can get).  But seriously, I have the worst memory, so in an effort to share more and not forget everything, I’m going to try and show bits about our month with a little highlights post.  You can see what’s going on in our lives a bit, and then I (selfishly) have them to look back on too!  Enjoy!


Last blueberry picking trip of the season.


Hunter’s love for puzzles really picked up over the last couple months.  He is so good at them!


We looooove stumptown coffee (roasted in PDX).  There are 2 coffee shops in vancouver that carry it and I happily picked some up to share with my mama since she had never experienced the deliciousness of stumptown before. 


New knitting project started for Zoe.  It’s called the sideways cardigan by lion brand yarn.  Free pattern for it here


Salmon patties made with rice + homemade tarter sauce + roasted parsnips and carrots.  This meal was amazing! 


Peach picking with the cousins, auntie and grandma.  We picked 100 pounds together!


Family zoo trip + yummy elephant ears were had.



Packing craziness as we get ready to move.  All the boxes, everywhere.



Snack break on a lil kiddo hike we took and turtle watching. 


I canned about ⅔ of the picked peaches in a light honey syrup.  Sooo amazingly good tasting.  Check out the post and recipe here.


Garden harvest.  Lots of tomatillos (which turned into canned salsa verde) and tomatoes for munching. 



First midwife appointment and we got to see this little munchkin for the first time!


The best jalapeño poppers made a delicious come back into our lives. Made with panko breadcrumbs instead of millet.


13 weeks captured. 



Their love for each other is the best.



Fun with some great buds we definitely don’t get to see enough.  



This lasagna was amazing.  I followed this recipe and it will totally be my go to lasagna recipe.  I also used a brown rice flour garlic and chive lasagna noodle and it worked perfectly in it.  Everyone loooooved it.  The leftovers were perfection as well. 


Vancouver lake exploration.  We’ve been getting these kiddos outside even more every day.  Everyone is just happier when they get a little more time to just explore and be free. 

August, you were wondeful!  We’re almost halfway through Septempber now.  Crazy. I’m excited to share our highlights of the next month too.

What was a highlight from your August?


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