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confessions of a pregnant group fitness instructor

by Heather

Yesterday I taught my first post-baby fitness yoga class, and while I had not initially planned to do the workout as well, I was itching for some movement.  It had been a little over a month since my last workout (which was fitness yoga the day before I had Nova!), and my body was beginning to crave it.  I kept my movements easy, and it felt AMAZING!  Turns out I missed the endorphins too.

The class was easier than I expected, and I realized the reason why – I wasn’t pregnant anymore.  I didn’t realize how big of a difference that made until the baby bump was gone.


Today’s post I actually wrote 2 days before I had Nova, the day I taught my last Body Pump class.  I had planned to share it that weekend, but then Nova arrived!  And newborn life happened.  So with my first post baby workout in, now seems a great time to share my confessions of a pregnant group fitness instruction.  Because it hasn’t been that long since I was pregnant, and they are all SO TRUE.



It really does make me smile ear to ear when people tell me how amazing they think I am for teaching and doing what I do – while 9+ months pregnant.  What can I say? It’s endearing to hear nice things about yourself! (Everyone tell pregnant ladies how great they are, it makes them feel good)

If it wasn’t my job, I would not be working out like I do.  When you’re pregnant and tired, and tired and pregnant, it is SO hard to stay motivated to move, so I feel pretty blessed that I receive forced motivation to exercise almost daily.

Even when I really don’t want to teach (see tired and pregnant above) I NEVER regret it.  I love my classes, my people and I love how exercise makes me feel.  It helps me fight the tired and pregnant feelings.

Sometimes (most times) I am already sweating just moving my weights around and setting up for the class.  And THEN we start working out.

And then I can’t breath.  Not because I am working out really hard, but this child is pushing on my lungs and the whole moving/lifting/talking thing gets tricky.

I do a whole lot more “form checks” the more pregnant I am.  Hey, form is important!

I have peed myself a little during jumping jacks. More than once…

Black pants are the best.  See pee note above.  And hey, if your water breaks it will hide that better too!

Towards the end I worry that my water will break during a class and that my face will turn a new shade of red.  It would be a bit embarrassing, maybe a little gross for the gym floor, but then also exciting!

Teaching while pregnant is an instant motivator – so many people have told me that if I can do it while pregnant, they’ve got to try too.  How will I motivate like this when I’m not pregnant anymore?

A little pop and lock with a big baby bump during a warm up brings a whole lot of laughs to everyone.  Yes, I know my dance moves look even more ridiculous when I’m pregnant. Gotta keep exercise fun though!


Can you relate with any of my confessions?


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