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creating realistic fitness goals

by Heather

Welcome to 2019!  I hope the year is starting out great for you!  We’ve been enjoying a week with not much going on, fully knowing that by end of week we are back to business as usual.  Hunter is back to school today!

If you listened to the most recent podcast episode I recorded with Heidi, you heard my focus word for 2019: realistic

I want to be realistic with what I commit to, my time and internally my daily goals I set.  That doesn’t mean I will do nothing and give up, but just that in this season of life with a baby I know realistically I can’t commit to major growth and achievements professionally like when my youngest is 2 years old. It’s just a different playing field.

One area that comes up in the new year for many is fitness.  Today I wanted to offer up some thoughts to consider for your fitness goals.

creating realistic fitness goals

Creating realistic fitness goals

How are you going to create realistic fitness goals for yourself?  This just so happens to come up at the new year, but should be something we think about all year round.  There are definitely times to PR and go all out, but that isn’t really realistic for the every day.  Right?

I want to encourage you to think about these questions to guide your fitness goals.  I use them with myself fully knowing that with my personality and LOVE for fitness and working out, I could easily go all out, all the time.  Not realistic.

Questions to consider when creating realistic fitness goals

  1. What are you looking for in your fitness?  Is it to move daily?  Have better range of motion and more flexibility?  Feel strong and capable? Be able to run fast and stay in step with your kids?
    I want to FEEL strong and capable.  Like whatever is thrown at me in life I can do because I move and challenge my body in a bunch of different ways.
  2. What kinds of workouts do you enjoy?  What type of exercise do you want to try or have not tried?
    I LOVE fitness yoga (so I teach it a bunch!), lifting and also getting my heart pumping preferably in a group setting.  I haven’t taken or taught cycle classes in many years and have been itching to get back on the bike.  I’ve also been adding running in a few times a month and have been loving that mental break I get during a run plus it’s a good challenge since I don’t run that often. 
  3. How many days a week do you want to workout?  How many days a week can you schedule it in and for how long?
    I like to workout for 40-60 minutes a day because I just enjoy it a heck of a lot.  Realistically, if I’m not teaching it is hard to fit that amount of time in so I know that if my workout is going to happen at home, it’s typically 30 minutes.  I teach 7 classes a week and love that accountability because my workouts are scheduled for me and anything extra is just a bonus.
  4. Do you need accountability or can you hold yourself accountable to what you plan?  If you’re new to the four tendencies, I highly suggest you go and take the four tendencies quiz!  You’ll find out there if you need some external accountability to keep you on target with your goals and what you commit to for yourself.
    I am a questioner and do pretty well with staying accountable, but I will say, I think that’s because I have my workouts scheduled in because I’m committed to teaching!  If I wasn’t teaching, I would have to have them scheduled in because I know life as a mom at home can make it tricky to squeeze everything in.

Do these questions help you out when figuring out your workout goals?  If you’re looking for a concrete way on how to create a balanced workout program, be sure to listen back to episode #12 on how to build a workout schedule and stick with it.  It’s got some great tips in there.

Lastly, one thing that I love that makes me excited to workout is new workout gear!  Am I alone in this?  Here are 10 super cute clothes and shoes I am loving. (in case you are looking for some new cute gear)

creating realistic fitness goals - 10 workout items

  1. Mippo open back workout top
  2. Adidas loose tank top
  3. Under Armour ½ zip shirt
  4. Under Armour no show socks
  5. Adidas leggings
  6. Nike coral leggings
  7. Lululemon scalloped wunder under leggings
  8. ALO ribbed leggings
  9. Adidas running shoes
  10. Nike running shoes

Are you setting fitness goals?  How do you keep yourself accountable?  Favorite workout leggings?



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