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dear hunter {year 4}

by Heather

I remember the evening you were born. After a tiring 24 hours of labor, the most beautiful boy was laid on my chest. The instant love for you was strong and just keeps getting stronger. Yesterday on your 4th birthday, I held you close and laid your head on my chest. I told you all about how when you were a baby, even smaller than your sister is now, that you would only sleep on my chest at night. You asked me why you wanted to sleep that way, and I told you it was because you wanted to be close to mommy when you slept.  


After a full and very fun birthday party and day, you had a hard time going to sleep. It’s understandable, you just wanted to keep the party going! After some sad tears, I sat next to your bed and rubbed your back. I listened to your breathing calm down, your body become more relaxed, and then you quickly slipped into sleep. I know you weren’t on my chest, but mommy was close. I stayed there for a little bit, listening and watching you. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have you as our boy. You have the most caring heart, excited energy and curiosity that keeps you constantly learning and challenging yourself.  


All I want is time to slow down so I can keep you how you are right now. But in reality, you just keep getting better. I am so impressed with the boy you are becoming. I love you so much Hunter. I know I am the luckiest mama to have you as my kid. Even though you are getting bigger, I’ll keep snuggling you close to my chest, because it’s not just you that likes to be close to mommy, mommy needs it just as much too.

I love you so much Hunter.


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