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DIY orange butterfly costume

by Heather

Last week I shared Hunter’s DIY green T-Rex costume, and this week it is all about Zoe’s DIY orange butterfly costume!  I am completely in love with how adorable this turned out.  The flowers, the wings, the little flutter cap sleeves…. it’s just perfection.

DIY orange butterfly costume

I love the process of letting the kids pick out what they want to be dressed up as for Halloween.  We start talking about it a good month and a half before the actual day so they can really settle into their choice and know that once mama starts making their costume, there’s no switching.  Hunter was easy, he has a green T-Rex stuffed animal he loves, and never wavered from that.  I just showed him different costume ideas I saw on Pinterest and we both settled on the paper mache dino mask I shared last week.  You can read so much more about his full green dinosaur costume if you’d like.

Since Zoe is only 2.5 years old, she still needs ideas to pick from.  I start by sharing different costume ideas starting with animals and different jobs (think doctor, firefighter, etc.), while keeping in mind my own costume making ability.  Once she heard butterfly she was set.  I did the same thing with her, we looked at butterfly costume ideas on Pinterest and she settled on being a blue butterfly.  But, the blue didn’t last because I couldn’t find blue butterfly wings I liked so when it got down to time to order wings she chose orange instead, which worked out perfectly.

This year was my favorite costume making yet!  Everything came together and even has function after halloween is over.  Read on for the DIY orange butterfly costume deets!

DIY orange butterfly costume


Here are the details on Zoe’s DIY orange butterfly costume!

DIY orange butterfly costume - flower antenna headband

Flower antenna headband

This is my most favorite part of the costume.  It is also Zoe’s least favorite part of the costume.  She only kept it on for some pictures, so I’m saving it until she’s into it and wants to dress up with it.

My inspiration came from this pin for an antenna for sale.  Once I saw it I knew I could easily make one.  Even better, it was EASY!

Flower antenna headband how-to:

I started with a headband of Zoe’s that fit well.  I then used my hot glue gun to attach the rest. The antenna is black floral wire I wrapped around the headband and glued on, then shaped the swirly antenna.  The flowers and leaves are fake and cut off of stems of flowers I picked up at the craft store. The orange butterfly is a clip I also picked up at the craft store.  Easy peasy!

Orange butterfly wings

I wanted oversized wings on my little girl so I ended up purchasing orange adult sized butterfly wings on amazon.  I’m super happy with them!  Before I shorted the elastic for the arms, I wore them a couple times for my costume (a kids bday party and my body pump class on Halloween).  They move really well with you and have a pretty sparkle!

Here are the specific wings I purchased: Orange monarch butterfly wings

Black geranium dress with flutter sleeves

The geranium dress is my go-to pattern and I love using it in a solid color for costumes because then it can be worn as an everyday dress too.

Orange tights

Zoe already had thick orange tights on hand for her costume – they are these from Hanna Anderson.

Bonus tutu

I hadn’t planned this into her costume, but for some added fun she wore her yellow-gold tutu I made her last Christmas.  I tied it high in line with the waist of the dress.  The tutorial came from the book Oliver + S Little Things to Sew.

DIY orange butterfly costume - tutu

If you were going to be a butterfly, what color would you be?  I love the look of this blue butterfly (my original inspiration for Zoe’s costume), but orange seemed so classic – I loved it too!

DIY orange butterfly costume

Happy crafting!



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