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Healthy Body Healthy Mind

by Heather

Welcome to the new year! Let’s have a coffee chat about a healthy body healthy mind in the new year. Whole rounded wellness with simple strategies that I implement into my own life.

You can watch the full Healthy Body Healthy Mind video below, over on my YouTube channel, or read the summary version below the video! WATCH HERE.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

As a nutrition coach, I find when we get our nutrition set in a way that works for us, it makes a huge impact on all the other areas of wellness.

Goals in the new year

Are you into making new years resolutions? Setting goals for the new year?

I think the new year is a fantastic time to reevaluate and set goals.

My goals in the new year are typically focused on my business, and what I want to work towards within that area.

For my health, I am of the mindset that whatever I want to work towards, I’ll start it right away.

But if you are heading into the new year with a goal, have that in your mind. Think about that big health goal, and then break it down to figure out what lifestyle changes you want to make to get to that goal.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

A healthy body

What does a healthy body look like?

For me, it is a body that I can move. I have energy. I don’t have discomfort.

I love to exercise and to teach group fitness classes. It’s a huge joy filler, and having a healthy body allows me to do that.

I want the ability to move my body. I need to move my body so that I can continue to move my body. They go hand in hand.

If we don’t use it, we lose it. In strength and with flexibility.


Having good energy is something I value a lot. Throughout my cycle, my energy levels change, and understanding my cycle has been HUGE.

Things that help with energy:

Which of those areas need to be looked at a bit more in your life?

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

A healthy mind

While a healthy body is a foundation for how we live our lives, a healthy mind is just as important.

You can do all the wellness things, but if you are not happy, or have a lot of negativity, you won’t reach your full wellness potential.

Some things that I like to do in the morning that help my mindset are these:

  • morning devotional/bible reading
  • expressive journaling
  • writing down 3 things that I am grateful for
  • exercise (it’s equally for my body and my mind)

What do you do to help to create a healthy mind for yourself?

Strategies for a healthy body healthy mind

Here’s your homework:

Pick the goal that you’ve been wanting to work towards. With that goal in mind, look at the wellness points in a healthy body and in a healthy mind, and see what area needs more attention.

If you’re looking for extra accountability and support, reach out, and let’s see if working together is a good fit!

You can also read more about holistic nutrition coaching.



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