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Hunter’s construction themed 3rd birthday party

by Heather

On Saturday we celebrated Hunter’s 3rd birthday with a construction themed party.  It was a blast!  The kids had so much fun and Hunter was in heaven pretty much from the minute we arrived, which was a couple hours before the party even started.  Here’s a glimpse at our fun day.  I’m going to share more about the decor and activities in a separate post.  For now, a look at the party!

IMG_7586IMG_7590 IMG_7591IMG_9754IMG_7592 IMG_7593IMG_7616 IMG_7594IMG_7613 IMG_7614 IMG_7615 IMG_7589IMG_7618

Food served: beef hot dogs, buns, chop salad with herb yogurt dressing, caesar salad with bacon infused croutons and all the hot dog toppings (rosemary balsamic onions, dill pickles, sour kraut, peach salsa, relish, cilantro poblano sauce, ketchup, mustard and curry mayo).

Snacks at the ‘rock quarry’: blueberries, grape tomatoes, grapes, almonds, pistachios and sunflower seeds.

Fuel station: cucumber, lime and mint water + bai 5 drinks.


The party was held at my parent’s house.  They have tons of land and a great set up in the back yard.  Plus my dad let us use lots of tools and construction type items for decor, major score!  I had planned the party for outside and thankfully the rain held off.  Once people arrived even more fun and games began.

IMG_7638IMG_4227 IMG_4224IMG_9764IMG_7637 IMG_7643IMG_4229 IMG_7617IMG_7619

The favorite spot was definitely the digging zone!

IMG_7606 IMG_7608 IMG_7603IMG_9777 IMG_7633 IMG_7632 IMG_7645 IMG_7644Easiest cake decor ever!  Hunter used the excavator to eat his piece and then had another.

I made a chocolate zucchini cake (this recipe but I subbed in coconut oil for the butter) and this simple two ingredient frosting.  Everyone seemed to like it and I thought it was super delicious as well!

IMG_7621 IMG_7622

It was a super messy and amazingly fun party.  It was great having the outside set up and play spots for the kids.  The party was totally all about them.  While I bathed my dirt covered kids, the clean up crew got to work. My aunt had fun driving my dads tractor, which he had put out as decor as well.

IMG_7624IMG_4242Pretty sure I’ve set high standards for Hunter’s party now.  It was totally worth it knowing he enjoyed his birthday as much as he did!


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Giselle May 25, 2015 - 2:55 pm

So cute! My son just turned 4 on Saturday. He was dying for a Paw Patrols party so I obliged but would have loved to do something more fun like this 🙂

Fit Mama June 1, 2015 - 4:57 am

Giselle the party you threw looked adorable! I love that you served the food in dog dishes 🙂

Erica May 26, 2015 - 3:46 am

OH MY GOSH! You did such an amazing job! Everything looks perfect! Adorable

Fit Mama June 1, 2015 - 4:55 am

It was a blast to create it!

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