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january highlights

by Heather

I hope your week is starting out great!  Here’s a little look into what our January was like.  As always, so many kiddo pictures to share. 🙂


We started the new year in Seattle for Christmas with my family.  Matchy-matchy sweater love.

IMG_1761 IMG_1776 IMG_1772

We ended up leaving Seattle a day earlier than anticipated which I am super thankful for, because we were home for the snow that started in the next morning (when we had planned to drive home)!  After naps we all bundled up and went out to play in the snow.  Snow ball fights, snow angels and snow men.  Such fun!

IMG_1847After snow play reading and warming by the fire.

IMG_1914I shared my post on five simple habits that bring me more happiness.  Read it HERE.

IMG_1930That top knot.  That flannel.  Those remote control car skills.

IMG_1975 IMG_1997 IMG_1993 IMG_2022We went on an unplanned outdoor exploration one chilly morning.  Zoe was not dressed for the mud, but boy did we have fun!

IMG_2026I am so happy to have farm fresh eggs back in the house!  The local source I was buying from before wasn’t an option anymore, so (thanks to craigslist) I found a lady that has 180 chickens she cares for at her home (with llamas and alpacas too) and they lay beautiful eggs that taste so, so good.  They’re less expensive than the ones I was buying at the grocery store, way more fresh and the quality is great!

IMG_2023The only time Hunter naps now is if Jacob or I lay with him in our bed to help him to slow his body down.  He’s adjusted well to only napping 1-2 times a week when we really needs it, but I have to say, the afternoons I lay in bed with him to give him extra rest, I totally soak the rest in too.

IMG_2047 IMG_1885Fun in the kitchen making nutty cacao coconut energy balls.  Find the recipe HERE.

IMG_208733 weeks!

IMG_2094Just a quick and simple lunch I love to have when we need something fast and nutrient packed.  Canned sardines smashed with a little mayo and old bay seasoning, cucumbers rounds, rice crackers and homemade apple sauce.  All foods I pretty much always have on hand for those lunches when leftovers are sparse.

IMG_2095Stumptown is our fav.  Decaf for an afternoon treat with allllll the half and half.

IMG_2099THE most adorable first full french braid.

IMG_2122I taught one last body combat class mid January.  It is such a fun class, but at 33 weeks the intensity was leaving me a bit more tired than I like to feel the rest of the day.  Cannot wait to get back to combat after baby though!

IMG_2146Pregnancy heartburn is no joke, but this has been such an amazing cure.  A little shot of ACV when heartburn kicks in and it keeps it away so much better than other remedies I’ve tried.  I think it’s actually helped with my stomach acid levels because since I started using it I’ve noticed my heartburn decrease to only a few times a week now instead of once or twice a day.

IMG_2177My go-to no-cook breakfast we all love on Friday mornings.  Read more about it HERE.

IMG_1967Curious kitty checking in on Zoe’s art.  Also, see those undies?  Potty training happened this month too and Zoe’s done so well!  We aren’t 100% yet, but we are also just 2 weeks into it.

IMG_2236Almond-pecan-coconut butter.  Yes.  Used this on some nut butter coated roasted parsnip fries.  Amazing.

IMG_1978Very sleepy Saturday morning of coffee, kids, cuddles and a show on the bed together.

IMG_2242Some freezer meal prep – pumpkin ricotta gnocchi in the works (so good).  To get the link to the recipe and read more check out my 1 month count down to baby #3 post HERE.

IMG_225735 week midwife appointment – kid free and oh so relaxing.

IMG_2263Our families favorite combo for Monday night spaghetti night with loads of kale chips.

IMG_2266Both kids started gymnastics classes a couple of months ago and this is pretty much Zoe during most of her class – a blur from one activity to the next.

IMG_2290Girl day to the Polish Pottery Store in Portland!  Three generations together with my mom along with us.

IMG_2286Then my mom and I enjoyed some decaf coffee while Zoe had a ball on the stairs.  Up, down, up, down, up, down.


New for the collection.

IMG_2029While the girls were out the boys had a fun dude day in town hiking around, going to the local hardware store and getting breakfast together.  And Jacob shaved his beard!

IMG_2309Having a little table in the office for the kids to color at whenever they want to was a genius idea, if I do say so myself.

IMG_2319Twin snacks.

IMG_2335Rain doesn’t stop us from getting outside.  Big puddles to splash in makes it even more fun.

IMG_2323The staycation adventure hike.

IMG_2363Oatmeal/almond biscuits.  So good at breakfast time with a little fig jam on top.  I’ve been making them 1-2 times a week lately.

IMG_2373Afternoon art.  We usually do paint, stamps, a paper craft or play dough when Zoe is napping and Hunter needs some calm time.

IMG_2378I picked up a bunch of seed packets and am getting excited to plant the garden in a few months!  Still a few more varieties to purchase, but I’m really excited about these finds.

How was your January?  What are some highlights from the month?  Happy February!


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