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My past due happening

by Heather

Hello! My lack of posts doesn’t mean we have a baby yet, just means I’ve been lazy about hopping on the computer. 🙂  Still pregnant over here!


Here’s a little look at what I’ve been up to lately since my due date passed on Tuesday. It’s been a nice mixture of staying busy + relaxing.  Perfect since I’m not teaching any more classes for a while. Of course it always includes lots of fun play with this cute guy.


I made a personal little challenge for myself – every day I’m over due, sew something new!  I didn’t start it until I was a couple days past due, but here’s what I’ve accomplished thus far.

Swaddle blankets (2 white, 2 un-pictured black ones), cloth wipes and terry wash cloths.  The wash cloths are actually used for cleaning Hunter after he eats, not so much for bath time.


Mustard hi-low pullover (some kind of cotton/polyester blend with a bit of stretch in it) – drafted this patten 100% by myself!  I am excited to see how it fits her (maybe around 3-6 months??) and then I’ll probably make a couple improvements to the pattern that I already know I want to make.


Modified the geranium top pattern a tad and added long sleeves (mustard linen fabric).  It just needs buttons + button holes added to the back.


Baby bunny bonnet – modified this baby bonnet pattern I had made once + drafted the ears to add.  Easter is just 2 months away!


I have some grey linen baby pants in the works today. Gotta keep busy myself busy and utilize all this free (nap)time I have!

I went to a water aerobics class on Wednesday and also swam Saturday morning. I have LOVED being back in the water. Plus it makes me feel weightless, not a common thing for a 9.5 month pregnant lady.


Lots of walking has been happening too.


It’s been my goal to walk every day or swim (or both!) and I’ve been making that goal happen. I’m hoping the rain stays away a little longer but it’s predicted to return on Tuesday.  Boo.  Saturday I met with my friend Megan for an at least 1.5 hour walk along the waterfront and downtown.  I had to stop and pee 3 times along the way – pregnancy bladder like whoa. Hunter and Mabel tagged along in the strollers. 🙂


All the extra walking and swimming makes me sleepy!  I’ve been totally taking advantage of getting a quick nap in while Hunter naps. I don’t always fall asleep, but just resting has been wonderful.

I did my normal weekly grocery haul on Friday with meals planned for the week. I figured I better get it done since I have a feeling I’ll still be pregnant a little while longer.  And a girl’s gotta eat.  I picked up this new to me tuna and absolutely love it!


Bonus for it being on sale. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for more $1 sales on it because it’s definitely more spending than I’d normally pay for a can of tuna ($2.70).  The quality is awesome though – more meaty and less watery than the tuna I normally buy.

I’m so thankful that I feel really comfortable still. If I was uncomfortable and past due, I may not be as cheerful and relaxed about it. I had a massage and chiropractic adjustment on Thursday and left feeling the best I’ve felt these past couple months. This is the chiropractor’s website. Assuming I’m still pregnant tomorrow (which would not be a surprise), I’m going back again!

So those are the happenings as of late. We have a midwife appointment tomorrow, so unless labor happens in the near future I’ll probably pop in again before baby girl arrives. But I say probably, I’m totally on a non-schedule right now.   Everything is up in the air with this waiting game. Thankful I’ve been enjoying every minute of it though!

What are some of your happenings lately?


PS: I loved this post Whitney wrote (she’s currently a couple days further past due than I am).  I have to say, I agree with it 100%.

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Whitney @ a little bit of everything February 23, 2014 - 2:38 pm

I love that you’re sewing something new for everyday you’re late. I’ve tried to make a goal of having one “activity” per day…I’ve seen movies, gone on date nights, gone to acupuncture. Gotta keep busy!

Erica February 23, 2014 - 3:28 pm

ugh! Hang in. Hopefully by the time the rain returns, baby will already be here 😉 CUTE clothes. SO talented. Meant to be a mama!!

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