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the anti-anxiety diet – #101 fit mama real food radio

by Heather

When I first heard about the anti-anxiety diet I was very intrigued. Using food as medicine to help quell anxiety? Sounds awesome, right? I was thrilled to have Ali Miller on the podcast to share her knowledge on this topic!

The anti-anxiety diet with Ali Miller

Ali Miller is a Registered Dietician and has a passion for using food as medicine. I had so much fun learning about her educational path and how it shaped how she practices now. Ali helps her client get the to root problems and holistically heal using food as medicine.

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Topics Covered:

  • Her path to writing The Anti-Anxiety Diet and what really pulled her to create this resource
  • How real food can help with anxiety
  • Nutritional imbalance that influence anxiety
  • The relationship of stress and HPA-axis imbalanced
  • The functional medicine approach to anxiety and depression
  • Tips for supporting adrenal health
  • Gut health

If you enjoy learning more about adrenal health, be sure to listen. back to episode #73 on Adrenal Fatigue with Dr. Patti Haebe!

The Anti-Anxiety Diet with Ali Miller

The anti-anxiety diet with Ali Miller

In episode 101 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined by Ali Miller RD! Ali joins me to share her expertise on the anti-anxiety diet – a food as medicine approach to using food to nourish the body and reduce stress, imbalances and anxiety. I learned so much about how much stress impacts how our body copes and functions. The information she shared about gut health related to stress and anxiety really left me thinking about my own gut health. Ali shared amazing tips on how real food can help with anxiety. Tune in for so many knowledge bombs! Not one to miss!

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