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Meditation For Parents with Chel Hamilton – #144 Fit Mama Real Food Radio

by Heather

Have you been curious about meditation? Wondered if it would have any benefit for you? Today we’re bringing back an old podcast episode and re-sharing this amazing conversation with Chel Hamilton of the Meditation Minis Podcast on meditation for parents.

meditation for parents with Chel Hamilton - episode 144 fit mama real food radio

In this current season, for myself, I need all the mindfulness tools. My patience is being tested, and I definitely need to bring more calm and quieting into my life.

It’s hard to bring actual quiet to my kid filled house, but I can bring it to my mind. What’s a tool that helps? Meditation.

Meditation For Parents with Chel Hamilton

In episode #144 we’re re-sharing the past episode with Chel Hamilton, the calming voice behind the Meditation Minis Podcast. In the episode we talk about why quieting is so important, the benefits of meditation and what it can help with, how to meditate and different style of meditation, resistance, mindfulness and meditation for parents. So much good stuff. I absolutely loved this talk with Chel and know you will too!

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