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fit mama real food radio episode 17: real food budgets

by Heather

In episode 17 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I chat all about food budgets.  I share how much we spend, tips for saving money and answer listener questions!

real food budgets

Fit Mama Real Food Radio is a weekly podcast where I’ll be sharing insights, education and inspiration focused on living a happy and healthy life.  I’ll be chatting about food, fitness, motherhood and mindset.

real food budgets

Episode 17 is all about food budgets!I share how much we spend monthly, how it all breaks down, tips for saving money and I answer listener questions from you guys!

Topics covered:

  • My food budget evolution over the years
  • Break down of my monthly spending on real food
  • Food budget amounts from listeners
  • Listener questions about food budgets

You can find the episodes and subscribe in itunes, stitcher, tunein, google play and also listen directly below!  If you’ve been enjoying the show, I would love for you to rate and review it in itunes –> HERE.

Did you have any real food budget questions that didn’t get answered?  Please leave the question below for a reply!


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Alicia Kuntz April 4, 2018 - 7:51 pm

That’s almost EXACTLY how much we spend, for our family of 6! This makes me feel relieved. I always feel guilty, with our 4 kids different dietary needs, that I’m overspending. Also, we have a deep freezer and buy half a cow, from my Great Uncle, whom raises his meats as organic as someone his age can *He just says it’s the same way his Dad, his Grandfather raised their cows, naturally. We have to be gluten and liquid dairy free. We still use butter and cheese. I love beefalo, delicious! Salmon burgers are a fave too and we love the avocado mayo and oil, but I don’t like cooking the oil on heat above low.

Heather April 10, 2018 - 4:17 pm

Alicia, thank you for sharing! Your comment totally makes me feel a bit better about our spending. It sounds like a lot (okay it IS), but it really is nice to know other families of 6 spend around the same. So cool that you get your beef from your uncle! You REALLY know where your meat comes from.


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