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simple healthy cooking – fit mama real food radio #59

by Heather

What does simple healthy cooking looking like to you?  Well, lately for me it means ingredient meals.  I’ve been hankering for a good casserole, but the reality of my cooking has been quite compartmentalized – a protein, a veggie and a carb.  It makes meal prep fantastic because I just piece meals together.

Like this lunch here – salmon avocado and bell pepper salad with kefir ranch + a side of roasted potato fries!

Simple healthy cooking

I’ve been experimenting with my new to me Instant Pot and have had some great winners lately- kalua pork (a MUST make), hamburger tomato soup, pork carnitas (my crockpot recipe but made faster in the IP), beef gyros and pork tenderloin to name a few.  It’s been really, really nice to have extra protein on hand and ready for us to eat!

Veggies are easy.  I chop veggies as much ahead as I can and we simply saute, roast, steam or eat raw.  I may add an aioli or most often my favorite kefir ranch alongside.

And we keep our carbohydrates to a simple rotation of sweet potatoes, potatoes and rice.  From there I mix in corn tortillas, brown rice pasta, and maybe a bread once a week.  Always LOTS of fruit.  It has been easy and easy is just what I need right now.

What does simple healthy eating look like to you?  Do you meal plan?  Meal prep?  Fill your fridge and just wing it?  I’d love to know!

Simple Healthy Cooking with Taylor Ellingson

Simple Healthy Cooking with Taylor Ellingson

In episode 59 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined by Taylor Ellingson of the blog Greens & Chocolate!

Simple Healthy Cooking with Taylor Ellingson

Taylor and I chatted all about what healthy simple cooking looks like in her house, challenges she has faced when feeding her family and her strategies for them, her favorite kitchen tool and also about her cookbook 30-Minute Cooking for Two.  I hope you leave inspired to hop into the kitchen after giving it a listen!

Links from the episode:

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