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tantrums, hitting, punishment and rewards – fit mama real food radio #60

by Heather

As a parent I feel so blessed to have met Michelle.  Michelle Carlson joined me back in episode 22 of my podcast and since our first conversation, connecting with my kids has been so much more top of mind.  To be completely honest, it’s hard to do with 4 kids.  I would love to have 15-20 minutes of individual time with each kid every day, but in reality, that rarely happens.  I feel like it’s a win when I get that with one kid a day, and I’ll take those wins when I can.

tantrums, hitting, punishment and rewards

One way of connection that I’ve build into our routine is what we call “super snuggle time”.  I told Hunter about this before he started kindergarten in the fall because he is naturally a snuggler, and I wanted that to be a thing that we keep doing, even with him being gone for the whole day at school.

What super snuggle time is is just me laying in bed with him as I’m saying goodnight.  We talk, and of course, snuggle.  Once I started that with him Zoe and Nova wanted in on some extra snuggle time too and as you can imagine, bedtime takes quite a while now.  But those snuggles are the best!  There are definitely nights when I just want bedtime to be done and to turn my momming brain off, but then I tell myself, they will not always want to snuggle.  That this is what matters and is important to me! And you know what?  It totally helps. Do you have a special bedtime routine you have going on with your kiddos?

tantrums, hitting, punishment and rewards with Michelle Carlson

Like I said, I’m so excited to have Michelle back on the show again!  In our first show we recorded together here’s what we talked about in episode 22:

  • What Hand in Hand parenting is
  • The biggest parenting challenges she helps parents with
  • How to get kids to listen without threats and control
  • Dinner time power struggles
  • Connecting with your kids
  • Practical way to start connecting with your kids TODAY

From that episode I have kept it so top of mind to connect with my kids every day.

positive parenting with Michelle Carlson

Tantrums, hitting, punishment and rewards

In episode 60 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined once again by Michelle Carlson!  We dive into some of the other hard parenting stuff today, specifically tantrums, hitting, punishment and rewards.  Of course, the topic of connection is there because connection is so important!  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

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