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post birth control syndrome – fit mama real food radio #62

by Heather

What the heck is post birth control syndrome?  I had that same question!  Guys, I had SUCH an insightful conversation with Dr. Jolene Brighten on Fit Mama Real Food Radio and I can’t wait for you to hear it! 

Post birth control syndrome with Dr. Jolene Brighten

First, let’s talk about birth control for a moment and my story.  I’m thankful that in my younger years I rejected the pill.  Or, I guess my body did.  I tried it out a couple of times and just felt like a crazy person and knew it wasn’t for me.  Eventually I went with the non-hormonal copper IUD as birth control and had that in for 4 years.  It was a great choice – yay no hormones!  But there was definitely major side effects.  For an already heavy, long and painful period gal it made that WORSE.  But I dealt with it and am thankful that time of needing birth control has passed.  Now I’m done having babies and my wonderful husband has a vasectomy so I don’t have to think about birth control.

I’m still nursing Holland and between being pregnant and/or nursing for the past 7 years, have only had a handful of periods.  A lovely break.  Soon that will come to an end though and I’m kinda of excited to see how my period is after all the hormonal shifts I’ve gone through.  Will I still have heavy painful periods?  Will it be different now that I’ve had kids?

I asked that question in my conversation with Dr. Brighten and she said maybe not!  However, her new book Beyond the Pill has a whole section on painful heavy periods and what that means in your body.

Post birth control syndrome with Dr. Jolene Brighten

Post birth control syndrome with Dr. Jolene Brighten

In episode 62 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio Dr. Jolene Brighten, Functional Naturopathic Medical Doctor joins me to break down what post birth control syndrome is.  Dr. Brighten authored the newly released book Beyond the Pill, which is such an amazing resource that supports women whether they want to come off the pill, or how to best support their body and health if they choose to stay on the pill.  In our conversation we talk about why women use hormonal birth control, what the side effects are that we often aren’t told about (I wasn’t!), along with a breakdown of what post birth control syndrome is, how to support your body when you’re coming off the pill and we also talk about heavy periods and hormones.  I hope you enjoy this episode and check out Beyond the Pill!

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