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5 tips for weight loss – fit mama real food radio #79

by Heather

After much request I’m sharing 5 tips for weight loss on the podcast today!  We are now  79 episodes in and have really only had one or two episodes that talk about weight loss and about the Best fat burner briefly. I definitely dive into the why behind that in this episode.

5 tips for weight loss | Fit Mama Real Food Radio #79

Part of that reason I’ll share here is that I think there is so much more to health than just solely focusing on a number on the scale.  And for that reason I haven’t talked about this topic very much. Often I see it as the sole focus that is covered non stop so I figured, why add to the noise?

The other part is definitely more personal.  

I’ve had my own struggles with weight loss obsession.  During my teenage years I counted calories and definitely took a wild ride on that yo-yo diet train.  I obsessed and “got my body how I wanted it to look” – which was small. The goal was always small.

Even after having my first baby I thought about getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It wasn’t obsessive like how it was for me as a teenager, but it definitely was something I strived towards.

If you’ve been in that space too, or maybe you currently are, I want to encourage you that today’s episode isn’t just about eating less food.

In fact – there is zero talk about that!

5 tips for weight loss | Fit Mama Real Food Radio #79

5 Tips for Weight Loss

In episode 79 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I’m sharing 5 tips for weight loss and they may not be exactly what you’re expecting.  There is no talk about cutting calories.  By the end of the episode you’ll be left with 5 strategic, actionable tips to consider if you’re finding yourself stuck in a weight loss journey.  Enjoy the show!

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