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how to detox your home – #97 fit mama real food radio

by Heather

Non-toxic cleaning has been in the forefront of my mind for many years. In fact, I started making my own DIY natural all purpose cleaner and DIY tub scrub back in 2013!

How to detox your home with Allison Evans

That was not long after having my first baby.  The more I learn about how these chemicals can affect us in negative ways, the easier it was for me to rid them out of my life and home.

Not long ago I shared a handful of my favorite natural home and personal care products, and one product that made that list was Branch Basics!  I love the simplicity the product brings to cleaning, education they share around non-toxic living and, of course, the fantastic product.

I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Allison Evans, one of the co-founders to chat all about how to detox your home!

How to detox your home with Allison Evans

How to detox your home with Allison Evans

In episode 97 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio, co-founder of Branch Basic Allison Evans joins me to talk all things home detox!  Allison shares her personal story that got her on the path to real food and non-toxic living.  We talk about how to detox your home, the best tips to start with for a non-toxic home (that includes no investment!), how to know if you’re cleaning products are harmful and tips on how to deal with resistance to change within the house.  This episode left me inspired to toss more toxins out of my house (I am not perfect!) and my hope is that you leave inspired to take a deeper look in your cupboards as well.

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