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second annual libby family canning weekend

by Heather

I can’t believe it has already been a little more than a week since we were crazy canners in Seattle.  As I mentioned in my latest post (did you see the blueberry breakfast bread – check it out!), we spent the weekend in Seattle for our second annual canning weekend!  It was a huge success and of course, lots of fun.  Read more about last year here.  Now more about year two.

We had originally planned our canning weekend for labor day weekend, but it was postponed to the following weekend, which meant it was a tad shorter than the previous year.  My parents, brother, sister in law, niece and nephew couldn’t make it, so we were 6 people less.  But that still meant 4 women, 4 men and 3 children were in for canning weekend.  The women were the canners, the men folk helped a ton by watching the kids.  And they fed us.  Crucial.

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I snapped as many pictures as I could, but I mostly kept myself pretty busy.  I may have even been called bossy… but I say I was just utilizing my leadership skills to keep the weekend a canning success.

In one full day and one morning we canned 154 jars which included pickles (dill, sour and bread & butter), diced tomatoes, canned peaches in lavender syrup, sweet relish, peach salsa, applesauce, mixed berry jam, peach jam and dilly beans.

I loved how hard we all worked and how much we accomplished, but more so just the time spent with family.  All the conversations.  All the tired feet.  All worth it.  I’m already looking forward to next year in the hopes of having a spring canning weekend added in too.

Just can‘t get enough!


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