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that moment you find out you are pregnant

by Heather

As Mother’s Day rolls around tomorrow, I begin to think more about when I became a mother.  I love being able to go back and read through all my pregnancy posts to remember what it was like being pregnant.  So many of the details about how I was feeling and seeing all the changes happening in my body tend to fade away with my ever worsening mommy brain.


There are two areas related to pregnancy that still remain clear in my mind; bringing both of my beautiful babies into the world, and finding out when I was pregnant.  I think they are imprinted into my brain since there was so much emotion involved in each.  If you love birth stories, check them out (Hunter’s birth story and Zoe’s birth story).  I never tire of rereading them.


Today I wanted to share about the moments I found out I was pregnant.  Both times I found out using home pregnancy tests.  Although I’m pretty in tune with my body and both times just felt like I was pregnant (we were trying), the emotions didn’t kick in until I actually knew.  Until I had that proof on a stick.

I found out I was pregnant with Hunter on a Sunday afternoon.  I remember waiting in the bathroom, by myself, for the results to show up.  I wanted it to be a surprise for Jacob, so I hadn’t told him I was taking one.  The time passed in super slow speed, I peeked and could not believe my eyes.  It was positive!  I remember just thinking, ‘oh my gosh, oh my gosh’ non stop in my mind.  I went out to Jacob, showed him and we hugged like crazy.  Our smiles could not be washed away and I was crying with excitement.  We told our immediate family the next weekend and shared with everyone else a few weeks later.  It was so hard to keep the news in.  It was one of the most exciting moments for us.

Finding out that I was pregnant with Zoe was so special.  I actually found out on a Sunday afternoon again, but it also happened to be father’s day!  I sooooo wanted the home pregnancy test to show that I was pregnant on that day.  Just like with the first, I had this feeling, but when I saw the pregnancy test showing that I was pregnant, those same flooding emotions came over me.  I was shocked because I honestly thought I wouldn’t be as surprising the second time, but no matter if it’s the first or second, knowing you are pregnant is such an amazing feeling.  We were so excited to add another baby into our family.  Just like the first time I found out, I did a second pregnancy test (I like to be sure) and got the + sign from the Clearblue  PLUS pregnancy test.  Simple and awesome.

IMG_5370It’s hard for me to describe the emotions and I really wish I had recorded it one of the times (maybe the next one!).  Check out this video from Clearblue.  Watching their emotions bring back my own, and I’m not going to lie, after watching it a few times I may have felt like eyes warm a bit.  Motherhood makes me so very sappy.

I love that I get to celebrate mother’s day as the mama to these two.  There is no better job in the world. It’s amazing to think back on the journey of finding out I was pregnant, going through pregnancy, having a baby, being blessed to do it all again, and now being here.  Nothing beats it.


Happy Mother’s Day to every single mother out there!

Do you remember the emotions you felt when you found out you were pregnant?  Or how you felt when someone told you they were pregnant?


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