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A Full Week Of Workouts

by Heather

Workout with me all week! I’m taking you along for a full week of workouts to show you what that looks like & how I balance my workouts PLUS I’m sharing workout motivation and what keeps me motived to move my body. Hope those tips are helpful for you!

Watch the video here on YouTube!

A full week of workouts

Today I’m going to walk you through a random week of workouts. Each day I’ll show you what I do, then in the video, I’ll share more about how it went or why I chose it.

Many of the workouts came from the LES MILLS+ app.

You can try your first month for free here!

Les Mills GRIT strength - a full week of workouts

Snapshot of the workouts

  • BODYFLOW #89 at home on LES MILLS+
  • Went to a gym class: Group Power (strength training)
  • GRIT STRENGTH #26 at home on LES MILLS+
  • Practiced & planned a Yoga Strength class at home
  • Went to a gym class: BODY PUMP (strength training)
  • Not in the video – a morning walk once

This snapshot is pretty typical of what I like to do each week. It’s a good mix of strength training, yoga, something fun and different (GRIT this week), and a walk.

Find tons of home workouts from me here!

Les Mills BODYFLOW - a full week of workouts

Exercise motivation

What motivates you to exercise?

For me, it’s how I feel after working out. That is what truly motivates me to exercise.

I don’t do hard workouts every day, but I do move in one way or another.

To stay motivated I really had to find why I enjoy it, and then notice the feelings that I get afterwards.

The energy that I get after exercise, and the ability to be a more patient mom & spouse is what I love. I get more mental clarity from it too.

It’s also this little slice of time in my day that I get to take for myself, which is so important as a mom!

When is the best time for you to exercise? Morning? Evening? Midday?

What is your motivation behind exercise? Knowing our WHY helps us to stay consistent with it.

Was it helpful seeing this full week of workouts? Let me know in the comments!



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