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10 Minute Body Burn Workout #2

by Heather

Today I’m bringing you the second installment in the 10 minute body burn workout series! Today we’re bringing a focus to our upper body with our get straight to the work body weight workout – you’ll find an amazing burn in this one!

10 minute body burn #2

As a fitness instructor I know the importance of a warm up. But sometimes you just want to get straight to the workout, right? When your workout is full of body weight movements, and you’re short on time, sometimes you get right into the workout and slowly ramp up as the body warms. That’s what we’re doing in our newest 10 minute workout!

Did you enjoy the first one? If you missed it, do go and check out the 10 minute body burn workout #1. It’s so good!

If you missed the previous 10 minute yoga burn workout series, I’ll put those below for you too.

10 minute body burn #2

10 Minute Body Burn Workout #2

Here’s what you need to know about this 10 minute workout: You’re going to feel so much stronger through your entire upper body (including your core!). You shoulders are going to feel-the-buuuuuuurn. No weights required. Let’s get to it!

Follow along below or find the video HERE.

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Did you enjoy this body burn workout? I hope so! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of it.



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