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The 300 Repetition Kettlebell Workout Video

by Heather

Bust out your kettlebell because today I have a 300 repetition kettlebell workout for you! In just 15 minutes we’ll complete 100 kettlebell swings, 100 goblet squats and 100 jumping jacks. Follow along for this 15 minute workout!

15 minutes 300 repetition kettlebell workout video

What kettlebell weight should I use?

This is very unique to each person. I own an 8 lb kettlebell, 10 lb kettlebell and 25 lb kettlebell. I find for most full body or leg exercises the 25lb kettlebell works well for me. It is challenging for sure! Aim to find a weight that pushes you, but where you can maintain good form. If at all possible, have a variety of weights like a 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb and 25 lb ready to switch around to. But also just work with what you have!

Can you use something other than a kettlebell?

The quick answer yes, use a dumbbell. The longer answer – the kettlebell swings work better with an actual kettlebell. If you only have a dumbbell, try doing burpees instead of the kettlebell swings and use a dumbbell for the goblet squats.

More kettlebell workouts

15 minutes 300 repetition kettlebell workout video

The 300 Repetition Kettlebell Workout Video

Join me for a brand new kettlebell workout – the 300 repetition kettlebell workout! In this 15 minute workout, we’ll go through 3 different exercises, 100 reps each, leaving us with a monster 300 rep workout. Work hard, get stronger and feel great at the end of our workout!

Follow along in the video below or find it HERE.

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