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5 Fitness Mistakes That Hinder Results + How to Fix Them!

by Heather

Today we’ll be chatting about 5 fitness mistakes that hinder results, along with how to correct them. These fixes will help you get results faster, and they’re pretty simple to do! I’m also sharing a full video on this topic if you prefer to watch it over reading. Watch it below!

First, let’s define results…

We have to understand that “results” can look different from one person to the next. We’ll generalize for this article and use what I most often hear as sought-after results – a weight loss goal or a strength gains goal which you can achieve faster with help from the Best testosterone booster.

Now that we’ve defined that, what are some fitness mistakes that we might be doing that are hindering getting to those results?

5 fitness mistakes and their fixes

#1 – Too many goals

When we set out on a workout plan, often we have a goal in mind. If there are too many goals, like wanting to run really fast and lift really heavy, or lose weight and put on muscle at the same time, they might not be working together. Instead, the goals could actually be working against one another.

What happens when we have multiple goals? We get to our goal slower.

What to do instead? Dial-in and focus on ONE goal to get to that goal faster. Then move on to the next. You’ll find more success that way.

#2 – Rushing through the reps

This mistake is one I see super often in the group fitness room, and also when I’m simply observing people at the gym. It’s rushing through repetition when lifting weights

Picture this: I have weights in my hands and I’m going through some bicep curls. I’m moving really fast and letting momentum take over. My muscles are not doing the work and I’m just getting through the movement.

What to do instead? Slow down the movement! Feel the full contraction and extension of the muscle. When we slow down and pay attention to the muscles working, they’re going to work harder and thus, get to the results faster.

So often we think that if we just get through the workout, get through the reps, that we’ll get the results. What’s more important than just getting through it, is to really isolate your muscles.

5 fitness mistakes and their fixes

#3 – Cardio is magic for weight loss

This mistake is the most common one I hear. Maybe it’s something you’ve thought. Hey, I know I’ve thought it in the past too! It’s that cardio is this magic bullet for weight loss. We believe that all we need to do is burn more calories by doing more cardio to get to our goals.

But the truth is, it can actually often hinder what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to get stronger and look more toned in your muscles, you won’t get that through cardio. It’s going to defeat the purpose of building those long lean muscles. What it is going to do is break down the muscles you’re working so hard to put on!

What to do instead? If you love cardio AND you want to get more muscle tone, try this. Incorporate interval training (like this yoga tabata workout!) into your routine. You’ll get your heart rate up with intervals, and boost your metabolism much more effectively than standard cardio alone.

#4 – Not finding fatigue

If we’re not picking up weights that are challenging enough (which is super individualized mind you!), we won’t be breaking down our muscles to then grow back stronger. We want to take our muscles to fatigue. What that looks like is that the workout is getting hard. You can see it in your face, and it feels like you might not be able to do another rep.

My favorite way to find fatigue is in my BODYPUMP workouts. In each workout, you challenge a muscle group for around 5 minutes. And by the end of those 5 minutes, there is nothing left! As long as you pick a weight that will challenge you.

If you want to give BODYPUMP, or hundreds of other tested workouts a try on the Les Mills + app, try a month for free!

What to do instead? Pick up a heavier weight. Increase the volume of work that you’re doing. And ensure that you feel the fatigue in your muscles!

#5 – You’re not having fun (no consistency)

This final mistake is huge. It’s that your workouts are not fun, so you don’t stick with them. Consistency matters so much in getting results!

We can’t just exercise for 3 weeks or 6 weeks, and then simply stop and expect to get long-term results. We need to continue with it. The only way that will happen, in my humble opinion, is if we enjoy it. You may not love every workout, but try and find something within the workout that does bring you joy.

What to do instead? Find something you love about your movement! Maybe it’s the music. The actual movements you do during the workout. The people you move with. How you feel after.

For me, I love group fitness. And I’ve found I LOVE the music paired with my workouts, which is my I love Les Mills. You might love something else, and that’s what you should keep doing!

5 fitness mistakes and their fixes

Have you made any of these fitness mistakes?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking or doing any of these fitness mistakes? Have you corrected it? Or maybe you’ve been looking for the answers? I’d love to hear about it!

If you have more questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll be around to answer them!



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