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baby steps to a real food lifestyle: start with a cooked breakfast

by Heather

Over the years my way of eating has changed a lot.  My view on what a healthy diet is has changed a lot too.  In the past I thought low-fat or “diet foods” were what was good for me.  The media tells you that, so you know it’s true, right?!  Ummmm no.  At least not for me.  I’ve learned through experimentation what works for me.  As I continue to learn more about nutrition my focus has shifted to really nourishing my body for optimal health, happiness and to just feel great living life.  [read no diets, just eat real food]

But let me tell you, it’s been many years in the making.  I started this blog in November of 2008 as Get Healthy with Heather – that’s when my journey to a healthy lifestyle began – almost 8 years ago!  I would have been so overwhelmed if somebody told me that I needed to change my diet to where it is at now, but today, it feels normal.  It’s not challenging and I’ve truly made it a lifestyle.

Finding your way to a real food lifestyle and what works for you and your family may not happen overnight – maybe it will take 8 years!  There will be road blocks (that dang sugar is addicting!), and failures (in the kitchen), but where you end up is a beautiful (and delicious) place.

In honor of my journey to a real food lifestyle and honestly feeling the best I have in my life (despite having a 12 week old that doesn’t give me all the sleep I want – I still love you Nova!), I wanted to start sharing baby steps to help you transition to a real food lifestyle.  I’m not here to tell you how to eat, but if you’re looking to shift your way of eating away from more processed foods to home cooked, nourishing and energizing for the body foods, then I hope you enjoy this series on baby steps to a real food lifestyle.


Today’s baby step to a real food lifestyle is to have a cooked breakfast in the morning.  Mornings can be a tough time, especially if you have kids, to think about cooking up a meal.  No matter how early I wake up, we are always rushed to leave the house, then there is clean up and dishes, but it is so worth it is set the stage for the day.  I find this especially important if you are relying on boxed cereals or sweets (pop tarts, donuts, pastries) as a start for your morning.  Maybe cooking a meal at breakfast time really is too much, so I challenge you to cook a breakfast that can be quickly warmed up in the morning and ready in minutes.

Here are 5 breakfast ideas that are made regularly in our house.  They can be made in advance if needed, or cooked up in the morning.  And remember, scrambled eggs + fruit is a simple and fast option as well!


If you give this baby step a type, please report back on how it goes for you!

Do you eat a cooked breakfast in the morning?  What is your go-to breakfast?


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