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design your summer + 6 month focus word update

by Heather

Today I am going to share how you can design your summer along with an update on my focus word of the year.  Summer is literally around the corner, and I just cannot wait.  Washington living means rain, which brings amazing beauty, but sometimes it limits when we explore outside.  Summer means we can spend so much more time outside, which is pretty much our favorite!


Focus word for the year update: less

Before I get into designing your summer, I wanted to share an update on my focus word for the year less.  How is it going in one word? GREAT!  The two biggest areas in which I notice the change are that I am rushing around less and having less stuff around the house (donating and selling things we don’t need).  I am adamant about saying no to extra teaching opportunities.  I know the kids and I both like, and need some downtime throughout the week.

We’ve said no to more gatherings when we already have one or two things on the schedule for the weekend.  That is really hard sometimes, because we just love seeing friends and family.  Sometimes it’s okay to say no to the fun gathering or event. When we say no more often, we can really just focus on that quality time together with people instead of cramming in quantity.  I know that rushing and cramming just overwhelms Jacob, myself and the kids.

I am also blogging WAY less!  This makes me sad, but I know it’s just a season (or year?).  Again, cramming so many things in to one day can be overwhelming, especially when it might take my attention away from the kiddos.  I’m so happy I found this slice of time this morning to hop on my computer (I had a canceled class so it worked out perfectly).

I cannot tell you the number of times I’m doing dishes or driving and my mind comes up with my best ideas of things to write about.  I can have an entire blog post ready to go in my head, and my fingers never meet the keyboard.  I even have some recipes written down and pictures taken, but I don’t make it to the computer for quite some time.  Thankfully, I know, when a moment opens up (like today, yay!), I can share what has been waiting on my mind.

Did you choose a focus word for the year?  It’s never too late to join!


Design your summer

The idea to design your summer – make it look how you want it to look – feel how you want it to feel really intrigues me.  Like I stated in the beginning, summer is just my favorite!  I also want it to feel really special to my kiddos.  None of them are in school yet, so for them it’s not a big break from school.  However, I love creating memories and if I can do this in a certain season, make it really stand out, I sure as heck want to.

I began writing a list of all the things I wanted to do over the summer – a summer “bucket list” if you will.  I kept adding and adding to the list and right now have about 41 items on it.

Then I got to thinking, less – less – less.  Instead of cramming my time with so many “things” to check off the summer list, I need to focus on the few specific activities I really want to do, then create a feel for the summer.  A summer vibe.


So instead of 41 activities to busy up my time, here are 5 that I really want to do, that we don’t do or have not yet done before.

  1. hike moulton falls
  2. make ice cream in a can
  3. pick up crepes for a park picnic
  4. watch a baseball game in town with the kids
  5. visit cedar creek grist mill and learn how flour is made

It was really hard to narrow my list down, but so many other things I know we’ll do anyways (like a trip to the zoo, pool party, berry picking, frog catching).  If they’ll naturally happen anyways, why write them on my list and add pressure>

The summer vibe I’m looking for: relaxed outside time to explore and learn, filled with good friends and good food.

Summer — we just can’t wait for you!


Do you design your summer?  What are some must do summer activities you have, or the summer vibe you are going for?


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craig August 15, 2017 - 10:46 am

Great post and I completely agree, it’s really important to create great memories with your kids! especially as they seem to grow up so fast, I can’t believe my daughter will be 4 soon! it’s gone so fast. Good luck with making the ice cream, this is also on my to do list but been a bit lazy lately and keep buying it pre-made.


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