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for two fitness® capri & my top 5 yoga poses this pregnancy

by Heather

During this pregnancy my love for yoga has blossomed.  I began my on and off practice years back, then about 3 years ago I began teaching a fitness yoga class once a week.  Now I teach fitness yoga four times a week, love every minute of it, and have even incorporate some extra yoga of my own at home this post month.  I have to give credit to yin yoga taking my glute/hip/back pain away that I talked about in my 20 week update (read here).  The pain was bothering me and my daily living with no real fix that worked which made be extra thankful to have found a way to give my body the relief it needed and become pain free again.  I especially love this yin yoga by Travis Eliot.


I am officially 28 weeks along and into my third trimester this week.  The bump is ever growing!  I try to dress in non-workout clothes whenever I can, but I’ll be honest, stretchy clothes are just so comfortable and hard to resist.  Recently For Two Fitness® asked me to try out and review their newly designed distance maternity active capri and I instantly jumped on that opportunity.  In case you are not familiar with For Two Fitness®, here is a little more about the company.

You are dedicated to the health of your pregnancy, and we are dedicated to you. For Two Fitness® is the premier maternity fitness apparel brand, offering performance apparel that functions and flatters like nothing else. We are committed to celebrate and support moms who are striving for healthy, fit, pregnancies. Discover for yourself why celebrities, professional athletes, and moms everywhere love For Two Fitness® performance apparel!

I already own two of their tops + one pair of capris from my pregnancy with Zoe, all of which are back into my maternity wardrobe rotation, so I was looking forward to seeing how the newly designed capris differed from the previous ones.  I am happy to report that they are amazing!  The material has been updated and has the familiar sweat wicking feel of other higher quality capris, the fit hugs the body more cloesly, the length cuts off right below the knee with no extra flair and the belly band wraps itself all the way around my belly.  I love that it’s long enough to go all the way above my bump with no awkward line showing halfway up the belly.  They are the most comfortable capris I have right now.  They did such an awesome job improving them!

Now onto my five favorite yoga poses this pregnancy!  Remember, every pregnancy is different and every body will have different limitations, so what works for me, may not work for you.  If you choose to try them, listen to your body (whether you are pregnant or not).

Pigeon :: feel good pose for my hips and glutes


Crow :: keeps me feeling strong and challenged


Triangle :: an amazing stretch all along the side of my body and through the hamstrings


Cat/Cow :: not only a relief for the spine, this one helps to get baby into a good position for labor so I try and do this nightly before bed (but fail many times)


Half lotus :: I especially love folding forward in half lotus to give my hips and glutes another great stretch


For Two Fitness® has a promo code for you all to save on your own gear!  Use code HOLIDAY30 and save 30% off all merchandise (excluding gift cards) now through December 18th.

If pregnant, have you tried any For Two Fitness® workout gear?  Do you have a favorite yoga pose?  Please share!


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Danka December 30, 2015 - 11:48 pm

OMG!!!! The crow ??? Photoshop ;)? (i’m kidding :-))

Jakey January 29, 2016 - 6:43 am

these tips are really good for those who pregnant


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