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by Heather

Things I’ve been up to lately.


Relaxing inside during the crazy storm we had over the weekend.  I guess there was a tornado that touched down in Seattle yesterday, which never happens around here.  Also, I say I guess because the hubs told me – I’m horrible at reading/watching/listening to the news.  Here in Washington, rain is a normal things.  We had sheets coming down though!  It knocked down part of a tree in our backyard.  A huuuge branch (the size of a tree).  Thankfully, the branch went in the only safe place – away from the house, fence and shed.

Sewing!  I’m totally hooked, and you know what I think hooked me?  Actually having a sewing machine that’s working and not constantly breaking (inherited from my MIL).  Who knew it could be so nice?  I made my first set of crib sheets (yellow flannel with leaves) and a pillow case (yellow gauze, similar to muslin).  Both were so easy!  I followed this tutorial for the sheets and pretty much followed this one for the pillow case.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 7.28.20 AM
Lately I’ve been on Pinterest a bit more, you could say I’ve been pinteresting (verb for Pinterest, not that I’ve been interesting 😉 ).  I’ve been adding tons of ideas and just plain old sewing tips to my sewing board, and also some things to my baby girl room ideas board.  That one I created a while back but kept in a secret board until recently… just in case we ended up having another boy.  Not the case.  🙂

Les mills had taken over my mind, and body.  Saturday was the launch for all of the new releases, so yesterday for my Monday BodyPump class I debuted 87, which was a surprisingly challenging release.  Then later than night I team taught BodyCombat 57.  I only taught half of the class, which I was so glad about. I can’t even count the hours upon hours I’d been practicing and learning the choreography.  It’s such a challenge, but so fun.  I love that class – great energy and an awesome workout.

Leaf week is done around these parts.  I still owe you all a post of the activities we did – and also the ones I had planned that we didn’t get around to.  No ‘theme’ week for our afternoon crafts this week, but I do think we’re going to do some water painting and shave gel playing.  At least it’s a thought.

LEGO® kids fest is coming to Portland October 11-13!  We received tickets and cannot wait to go opening night.  Jacob is especially excited, and I think Hunter will think it’s super cool.  While his hands are still pretty little for LEGO bricks, they’ll have DUPLOS there as well.  If you’re the Portland area and want to buy tickets, you can purchase them here!

What have you been up to lately? Please share!


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