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mother’s day gift guide for the expecting mama

by Heather

I don’t know about you, but I have such a tough time figuring out gifts for my mom and dad.  Whenever birthdays, Christmas and mother’s/father’s day rolls around I’m usually left scratching my head on what to gift.  I like to give thoughtful gifts… sometimes handmade items or I’ll get the kids involved too.  It’s never an easy task.  With mother’s day rolling around I thought it would be fun to put together a fun little gift guide, but not the kind of gifts I’d give to my mama (you can give me ideas for that one 😉 ).  This guide is geared towards what to gift the expecting mama.  Even if you are still growing that sweet first baby in your belly, celebrate being a mama, because you are one!

Here are some favorite items I loved during my first and second pregnancy.  All items I will gladly accept during the next one too… which is not now.  No baby belly growing here just yet.

For Two Fitness®


Comfortable and cute workout clothes are a must in my opinion.  When you’re pregnant and everything grows and clothes get a little (or a lot) tighter, it’s just so nice to feel cute and super comfortable.  I loved my For Two Fitness® tanks so much during my second pregnancy (wish I would have had them during my first one too!).  I have the Sweating for Two® and Yoga for Two® tops and can’t wait to rock them again.   The quality is great and after tons of use they both still look great.


You are dedicated to the health of your pregnancy, and we are dedicated to you. For Two Fitness® is the premier maternity fitness apparel brand, offering performance apparel that functions and flatters like nothing else. We are committed to celebrate and support moms who are striving for healthy, fit, pregnancies. Discover for yourself why celebrities, professional athletes, and moms everywhere love For Two Fitness® performance apparel!

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As a For Two Fitness® ambassador I am excited to partner with them to share about their amazing clothes for my Mother’s Day gift guide.  As a bonus for you guys now through Mother’s Day, get 25% off your order plus free shipping with code MOMSDAY25, only at www.fortwofitness.com.

Comfy socks

As the belly and body grows, feet get beat up a bit in the process.  They carry you around and get sore, tired and even sometimes swell up.  I loved comfy fuzzy socks.  I usually have cold feet too so the warmth and extra cushion felt so nice.

UGG boots

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 2.54.49 PM

If you are pregnant during cold weather (a norm here in Washington) UGG boots are another treat for the feet.  A favorite outfit was a longer shirt, leggings and my UGGs.  My feet were kept warm and they’re so soft and nobody thinks you are wearing slippers at the store, even though it feels like it.



I pretty much live in leggings and long shirts/dresses when I’m pregnant.  Thick leggings are nice when your top isn’t very long, but even the inexpensive ones from Forever 21 work, especially if your top is long enough to cover your backside.


At a certain point in pregnancy women can no longer lay on their stomachs or on their backs flat for long periods of time. That makes massage a bit difficult, but if you can find a pregnancy massage (basically where they have a big pillow you lay face down on with a space for belly and boobs) it’s quite heavenly.  I try and get them as much as I can, especially near the end of my pregnancies.

Lavender scented items

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 2.53.18 PM

This one is probably specific to me, but before having babies lavender wasn’t my favorite smell.  Once I became pregnant with Hunter I could not get enough of the scent and it’s continued on ever since.  Ask what smell your pregnant lady likes because pregnancy can change what they like/dislike.

Membership to a pool


I love staying active all pregnancy long, but those last few months everything does get a bit harder.  The body moves a little slower and moving takes a bit more effort.  Being in water is a pregnant ladies best friend.  The water makes you feel light and if you have swelling going on the water helps to make that feel more comfortable too.  Water aerobics classes and swimming laps were my preference when in the pool, but even just floating around is luxurious.

No cooking/dishes/cleaning day

Gifts aren’t always needed.  Just a day when a little bit is taken off of your pregnant ladies plate can be a gift on its own.  That will give her the chance to relax and de-stress.  Also great for non pregnant ladies. 🙂


If you follow me on social media you probably saw pictures from our Aruba trip.  It was amazing!  I’m planning to share many more pictures and about our adventure soon, but first I’ve got to soak in more time with my kiddos.  I missed them like crazy!

IMG_6768 IMG_6732

What item would you add to this list?


Thanks to For Two Fitness® for sponsoring this campaign.  I absolutely love their products and am always excited to share my love for them whenever I can.

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