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Teach Kids To Cook By Age – #124 Fit Mama Real Food Radio

by Heather

This morning I was thinking about why I feel so passionate about bringing my kids into the kitchen with me and it hit me: necessity. I have 4 little kids and it’s just unlikely for me to be in the kitchen alone! Even if I didn’t want to involve them, they want to be involved.

If you have little kids, you know even going to the bathroom alone doesn’t happen much. It’s funny, but also true! Maybe use the curiosity and their desire to be doing what you’re doing as an opportunity to teach!

In today’s podcast episode I’m sharing how I practically involve my kids in the kitchen. I’ll also detail out how to teach kids to cook by age, along with examples of what that exactly looks like with the recipes in my eBook COOK WITH KIDS, which you can grab here!

Interested in cooking with kids? Check out these resources:

Teach Kids To Cook By Age | #124 Fit Mama Real Food Radio

Teach Kids To Cook By Age

In episode #124 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio we are chatting about how to teach kids to cook by age! I’m giving you a practical look into my kitchen with my kids. What does it really look like to involve a 2, 4, 6 and almost 8 year old in the kitchen? How do you begin to teach kids to cook by age? We cover it all with practical examples. Want the free eBook COOK WITH KIDS? Grab it here!

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How old are your kiddos? At what age did they join you in the kitchen?



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