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fit mama real food radio episode 21: Holland’s full birth story

by Heather

In episode 21 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am sharing the complete birth story for my fourth baby Holland Sloan!

Holland's full birth story

Fit Mama Real Food Radio is a weekly podcast where I’ll be sharing insights, education and inspiration focused on living a happy and healthy life.  I’ll be chatting about food, fitness, motherhood and mindset.

Holland's full birth story

Holland’s full birth story

In Episode 21 I am sharing Holland’s birth story!  Friends, I am just so excited to vocally share her entire birth story, from the 2 week lead up after my due date passed, to the day she was born.  I hope you enjoy listening and sharing in our experience.

Topics covered:

  • Natural birth story of my fourth child

Links from the episode:

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Have you shared your birth stories?  I would love to read/listen to them!  Link below mamas 🙂


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