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Stock Your Real Food Pantry: 5 Favorite Cracker Options

by Heather

I am so excited for this new stock your real food pantry series! Today I’m sharing 5 favorite real food cracker options. I define what a real food crackers is. I’ll also give my best tips for saving money when buying real food crackers, plus I’ll also pair each cracker with some tasty ways we build a meal around it

stock your real food pantry | 5 favorite cracker options

Keeping real food stocked and available makes healthy food choices simply easier. When we only have good food to pick from, we are more likely to eat it! When you can save money in the process too it’s just a bonus.

Here’s an unfortunate truth. Convenience real food can be more expensive than overly processed convenience food. A cracker with minimal, quality ingredients will likely cost you more than the big food companies that add tons of cheap ingredients. But the food and ingredients we consume matters. If we can vote with our dollar and tell companies that we appreciate the ingredients they use by purchasing their products, we are slowly over time telling the food industry that we want change.

stock your real food pantry | 5 favorite cracker options

What to look for when buying crackers

When I buy crackers, I turn the box around and look at the ingredient list. I’m curious about the ingredients and if I can recognize them. If I can, and like them, great, it’s good to go! If I see ingredients that didn’t come from nature, then I decide whether I want to bring it into my house. Often packages are labeled gluten free, low fat, dairy free, vegan… and many other dietary labels. If you’re looking for one of those, use them to help you guide your purchase but remember to still check the ingredient label.

How to save on real food crackers

Here are 5 tips for saving money on real food crackers.

  1. Stock up when your favorite real food cracker goes on sale. If you (like me) have a rotating list of real food cracker options you and your family enjoys, when one goes on sale, stock up.
  2. Buy in bulk. My favorite place to purchase Simple Mills crackers are at Costco. It’s the best price I’ve found. If you belong to a bulk store like Costco, see what they carry and know that their stock changes from time to time.
  3. Clip newspaper coupons or check out the companies website for coupons. Often companies want to incentives you to try their products and they’ll have coupons on their website. You can always contact them and ask for some!
  4. Shop at discount stores. Stores like Grocery Outlet will often receive the over supplies of great products that you can then purchase at a huge discount. You can’t guarantee a product is there, but if you have access to a Grocery Outlet it can be a great place to stock up when you see a favorite product.
  5. Purchase online and subscribe and save on Amazon if it’s the best price.

Stock Your Real Food Pantry: 5 Favorite Crackers Options

Here are 5 favorite real food cracker options I love to keep my pantry stocked with. I’m also sharing some tasty ways to incorporate them in meals. Crackers are always a hit with the kids and a nice option to have around for a quick and easy carb option.

Simple Mills Almond Flour Sea Salt Crackers

Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

I love that there are just 8 recognizable ingredients in these crackers and that they’re a gluten free option.

Favorite ways to incorporate almond flour crackers into a meal: Mash an avocado and use the sea salt crackers to scoop it up. The sea salt pairs perfectly with the avocado. Yum!

Jovial Sourdough Einkorn Crackers

Jovial Sourdough Einkorn Crackers

There are just 4 ingredients in these crackers. If you’ve been curious about einkorn, read what is einkorn? The sourdough flavor comes through and gives the crackers a slight tang which I love.

Favorite ways to incorporate sourdough einkorn crackers into a meal: I love these for homemade lunchables. Pair the crackers with your favorite ham or turkey lunchmeat + cheese along with a fruit + veggie. Use them in a lunch snack platter in the same way!

Marys Gone Crackers Seed Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers Seed Crackers

Back in the day these were some of the first super healthy crackers I found. They taste healthy (more crunch, less smooth cracker situation), super seedy and are filling! These are my favorite crackers to pair with a lunch because I am left so satisfied. They’re made with just 6 ingredients – whole grains and seeds! Gluten free too.

Favorite way to incorporate seed crackers into a meal: Grab your favorite hummus + veggies and pair these super seedy crackers with hummus + veggies.

Triscuit Original Crackers

Triscuits Whole Wheat Crackers

Love that there are just 3 ingredients in triscuits, they are more affordable and they are kid friendly. Just whole grain wheat, oil and sea salt.

Favorite ways to incorporate whole wheat crackers into a meal: Try triscuits with this healthy spinach artichoke dip – you’ll love the combo!

Crunchmaster Rice Crackers

Crunchmaster Rice Crackers

Made with just 5 ingredients, we love them because of the crunch factor. They are gluten free.

Favorite way to incorporate rice crackers into a meal: These sturdy crackers are a favorite for a spreadable cheese like brie or cream cheese based spreads. We also love them with tuna salad, especially this avocado tuna salad.

What are your favorite real food crackers?

Those are 5 of our favorite real food cracker staples. I stock up when I find sales and use them in meals instead of random snacking to make them last a little longer. I’m sure my kids would snack on crackers all the time, but we try not to!

Of course there are many more amazing real food crackers out there. Do you have a favorite? Share it below in the comments!

Looking to make your own crackers? Check out this family favorite homemade cracker recipe for cheddar whole wheat crackers.



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