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What is Einkorn? Learn All About This Ancient Grain.

by Heather

I’ve been sharing more recipes using einkorn flour. When I tell someone I’m baking with einkorn flour, I’m most often met with these questions: What is einkorn? How do you bake with einkorn flour? Is einkorn gluten free? So today we’ll cover the history of einkorn, the types of einkorn flour, the nutrition breakdown, where to find einkorn flour, how to use it in recipes along with favorite recipes to incorporate einkorn. Let’s dive into learning about this ancient grain!

What is einkorn flour?

What is einkorn?

Einkorn is an old heirloom wheat variety. It is grown mostly in European countries and this ancient grain is prized because of the lower levels of gluten and that it still holding a non-GMO status. The plant has tighter tusks and smaller berries than traditional wheat and can withstand growing in tough conditions.

Fun fact, my aunt gifts me Le petit épautre (einkorn in French) from her trips to France and I’m thankful she tells me it’s einkorn because I can’t read the packaging!

What is einkorn flour?

How is einkorn flour made?

Einkorn flour is made by milling the einkorn berries. You can purchase already milled einkorn flour, or if you have a grain mill, you can make your own einkorn flour using einkorn berries.

Is it gluten free?

Einkorn flour is not gluten free, however, it has a weak gluten structure which makes it easier to digest. Einkorn lacks the gluten proteins that often trigger gluten sensitivity.

People with celiac disease or an extreme allergy to gluten should still avoid einkorn because it does contain gluten.

What is einkorn flour?

Types of einkorn flour

Einkorn flour comes in two varieties – whole grain and all purpose. You may think of all purpose flour as the super processed white flour, but einkorn flour is different.

Whole grain einkorn flour is made from 100% freshly milled einkorn berries.

All purpose einkorn flour means that some of the bran has been removed. Unlike traditional all purpose white flour it is not bleached and does not have chemicals add into it.

I most often use all purpose einkorn flour in my recipes and have lots of success with it!

Nutritional breakdown

Einkorn is not only GMO-free, but it’s packed with essential nutrients. It is higher in protein and lower in carbohydrate than moderation wheat. Einkorn is rich in zinc, iron, potassium, riboflavin, Vitamins B6 and A, fiber and carotenoids.

Where to find einkorn flour

Where to find einkorn flour

Here in the Pacific Northwest I find two options for buying einkorn flour. A few of my local health food stores carry einkorn flour. I asked about it a few times at a local Fred Meyer and now they’ve started to carry it – so ask your local store if that’s an easier option or you!

The easiest though, is purchasing online. You can find the options here:

All purpose einkorn flour

Whole wheat einkorn flour

Einkorn berries

What does it taste like?

Einkorn has a delicious nutty flavor, a silky texture and comes with a buttery yellow color.

How to use einkorn flour in recipes

Einkorn is slightly different when it comes to baking than traditional wheat or white flour. For most recipes you can try substituting whole wheat flour for einkorn flour, however you may need to reduce the liquid by 15-20%

I highly recommend using a sifter if you notice your einkorn flour is clumpy from any moister. This will result in a smoother texture when baking.

How to store it

The best place to store whole grains (the berries) or milled flour in airtight containers in cool places. If you buy in large quantities (sometimes I buy 10 lb of einkorn flour at a time), then store in the fridge or freezer. Just make sure to keep moisture out.

If you notice moisture has crept in and your flour gets crumby, simply run it through a sifter prior to measuring.

Favorite einkorn flour recipes

What is einkorn flour?

Have you baked or cooked with Einkorn before? How do you like to incorporate it into your meals?




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