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2018 focus word for the year

by Heather

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope your 2017 ended on a wonderful note!  We spent the final weekend in 2017 with our last Christmas celebration with my extended family.  It was just the best time, and always  fun catching up and playing black out bingo games with family we don’t see as much throughout the year.  Now that it’s 2018, it’s time to start thinking about a focus word for the year!

Last Christmas I had a chat with my aunts about choosing a focus word for the year.  We all picked one – mine was LESS, and my Aunts were CREATE and CALM.  We all made awesome strides and felt like our year reflected the focus words we choose.

If you want to read more about my 2017 focus word check out the post here, along with a 6 month update post here.

how to choose a focus word for the year

How to choose a focus word for the year

What is a focus word?  It is a word (or phrase) that you want your year to be about.  When you’re faced with decision throughout the year, your focus word will guide you.  When you look back on your year, the feel of the word/phrase shines through.

My 2018 focus word for the year

———- ACCOMPLlSH ———-

How I see ACCOMPLISH playing out in my personal life:

Sticking with and staying with things that are important to me…

  • Reading more books/listening to audio books (currently reading The Best Yes)
  • Read more books to my kiddos (currently reading Alice in Wonderland to Hunter and I am planning to read Charlotte’s Web to Zoe this year – Hunter was a fan of it last year)
  • Creating a meal prep system to really SIMPLIFY the time I spend in the kitchen
  • Bring a new baby into the world through an empowered labor and delivery
  • Play more games with Jacob in the evening (we’ve been obsessed with the Catan Dice Game), less TV time

How I see ACCOMPLISH playing out in my professional life:

  • Complete a yoga training I’ve been wanting to attend for years now (coming up in January!)
  • Bring useful, helpful and awesome new content to you guys here on the blog, in my newsletter and on the podcast
  • Begin interviewing some awesome folks for the podcast
  • Start teaching in person cooking/meal prep classes to my local community.
  • The biggest one: Prepare to write a book!  This was a goal of mine for when I turned 25… and I’m going to be 31 in April you guys.  Back then it was an airy, un-thought out goal.  Now I have a plan, concept and can visualize the book.  I have content written (that I actually started 2 years ago!) and am excited to continue on with prep for it!  I am not planning to make it happening this year since I’m bringing baby number 4 into the world in March, but I’m making plans to get things beginning to come together and started for more in-depth work in 2019.


Okay, now that everything is written out, I’m reading back and thinking “yikes, that’s a lot!”. But I’m just really pumped about everything personally and professionally.  Maybe it’s the nesting stage that I’m in, but I’m totally ready to rock and ACCOMPLISH my goals.  Planning has been my key to success so far.  This also helps so much with time managements, and I’ll just continue on with that.

I would LOVE to hear your focus word for the year.  And if you chose one last year, how did it change?  Happy 2018 everyone!


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