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april highlights

by Heather

April is going down as the month of sunshine.   We got so much enjoyment out of not only playing in the yard, but working on it as a family too. Sunshine + dirt does the body good. Pictures and more of the month below!

IMG_3050At Hunter’s swim lessons I get to watch him about 25% of the time, and the other 75% is keeping Zoe entertained.  Snacks, tickles and this little notepad + bag of crayons is always a hit.  She holds the crayon so well!

IMG_3079Because when you don’t have a baby in your belly anymore, wine + a sunset on your deck is a pretty great way to end an evening.

IMG_3691Just hanging out with the magnolia tree.  That boy loves to climb up in it too.  Sometimes he’ll be out in yard playing alone and I’ll walk outside to see what he’s doing to find him climbing in and out of the tree, happy as can be.

IMG_3083BIG bubbles on a hot sunny day. Long sleeves/pants > sunscreen.

IMG_3099I wrote and shared a post on having a positive body image after having a baby (link here).

IMG_3740A mid-week walk with friends when they are on spring break – we love it!

IMG_3763Hunter’s been working on his writing skills.  It’s not only awesome teaching him his letters, writing and reading, but he gets so much enjoyment out of practicing it too!

IMG_3785What a difference 2 years makes.  Heart these girls to pieces.

IMG_3809Leftover lunch + a baby.  I made chicken cordon bleu but instead of using Swiss cheese, I subbed in smoked provalone.  So good!

IMG_3829There’s a baby hiding somewhere under all that Costco loot.  After the many salami samples, we got suckered into buying it.  Things I buy when shopping hungry!

IMG_3137Cheeeeeese.  Hunter loves having his picture taken, can you tell?

IMG_3845The great thing about living in a small town, and near downtown, is being able to walk into town.  I needed a couple items from the hardware store, so instead of strapping 3 kids into car seats for the 2 minute drive, we walked the mile into town.  Hunter walked the whole way (with a big hill back home!), Nova slept in the carrier the whole time, and Zoe was happily pushed in the stroller for most of it.

IMG_3854I’m bringing food prep back into my life to calm the worry and stress I sometimes feel at dinner time.  Read my three steps to calm the worry and how food prep has helped me tremendously.


IMG_3881We checked out the water resource center for the first time ever, and had such a blast.  There’s a lot to learn about water, energy and the environment + a super fun play area for kids 5 and under.  Hunter’s favorite spot was biking to generate energy to light up light bulbs.

IMG_3204Flannel fam.

IMG_3913Zoe is such a great sleeper, and goes down so easily, but when she wakes from naps, long snuggles are needed.  I’m not complaining one bit.

IMG_3931Cobb salad on a hot day.  April was filled with super hot days (80s and 90s).  Salads and summer eats made a lot of appearances throughout the month.

IMG_3930So proud of Hunter moving up in his swim lesson level!

IMG_3953Our stove top burners can be removed and replaced with an indoor grill.  I absolutely love this feature!  Asparagus grilled is the best.

IMG_3964Zoo with pals.  Pretty sure it was the hottest day in April – we didn’t even make it past noon before being too hot out in the sun!

IMG_3248The kids don’t mind one bit living on a hill with a slanted pool.

IMG_3983Nova at almost 2 months.  Her eyes get more blue every day.

IMG_4002Zoe’s excitement for life adds so much happiness to my life.


IMG_4016Mom win here.  Hunter needed a potty break on a drive home and we were not anywhere near being back so we stopped at a coffee shop for that.  They had stumptown coffee (my fav) AND soft serve ice cream.  The kids were in heaven.

IMG_4038Zoe’s such a little mama.  Snuggles and baby kisses all for her when she wakes before big brother.

IMG_4076The salmon creek trail is always a hit with the bike + gives little bodies a chance to run around free.  Also, those double french braids!

IMG_4072Fruit and veggie restock!  A pretty normal week as far as the amount of produce we go through.  New additions I normally don’t buy are rhubarb and butternut squash!

IMG_4090My sweet friend had a baby boy and we got to meet her little guy.  Nova was 2 months old here, Jayden just 10 days.  Such a difference in size!

IMG_4134This garden box has officially become the digging zone.  I couldn’t be happier about that (and neither could they).

IMG_4140Three girls enjoying the grass under the magnolia tree.

IMG_3337We heart Rivermaiden and stumptown coffee!  Especially Jacob. 🙂  A few Saturdays have turned into Rivermaiden trips after Hunter’s soccer game.

April, you brought so much sunshine and gave us tons of time outside.  It’s one of my favorite things and I can’t wait for more!

What is your favorite memory from April?


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